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Beauty by Blair

HipNJ’s Alex Lee spoke with New Jersey based make-up artist Blair Collier, of BLO Lounge in Livingston, NJ to learn how she turned her passion for beauty, into her career.

When it comes to make-up artistry, Blair’s talent knows no bounds. Whether you need full glam for a wedding or Bat Mitzvah, or just to get camera ready for an engagement or maternity shoot, Blair will make sure you put your best face forward.

Where others might feel overwhelmed, Blair thrives on high energy situations, loving the hustle and bustle of a Bridal Suite Make-up Session.

Blair’s talent and dedication have been years in the making. She recalls that even from a young age, she was intrigued by her mother’s make-up routine. Recently, with the support of her family, she took her love of make-up artistry to the next level, getting certified at Artist and Makeup Academy (AMA) in Hoboken, NJ. “Finally, I did something for me…I love it and I wouldn’t turn back!”

When asked what the future holds, Blair is motivated and optimistic. She sees herself growing, with more clients and social media followers.

If you have a special event and want to look and feel your best, Blair can be found on Instagram at @BeautyByBlair_BBB.

St. Patrick’s Day Clean Cocktails with Beth Nydick

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Today, #HipNJ’s Maria Falzo  welcomes back Blue Barn Kitchen founder, Beth Nydick.  This time, the ladies are mixing up some fabulous cocktails to enjoy on Saint Patrick’s Day!

Beth Nydick is known for her ability to craft the perfect mixture of feeling good and having fun! Lucky for us, Beth is sharing  some of her holistically crafted cocktails from her book Clean Cocktails: Righteous recipes for the Modern Mixologist. Say good-bye to those nasty hang-overs and hello to delicious beverages with fresh juice! These clean cocktails are made from herbs, spices, fruits and vegetable juices to keep you hydrated and having fun. 

Her book also feature mock-tail recipes, so if you  want to feel festive without the booze, Beth has got you covered!

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, Beth is going to show us how to make a gorgeous green drink: Coconut Cucumber Margarita! Using cucumber as the base, coconut syrup to sweeten, a dash of lime and some tequila for a little fun. This sweet and tangy drink will keep you having fun all night and still refreshed in the morning.  

Tell us what you’re drinking this St. Patrick’s Day by tagging us or commenting on our page at @HipNewJersey.


Rebecca Hefner: Fantasy, Paranormal, and Romance Author

HipNJ’s Lisa Marie Latino is talking fantasy with author Rebecca Hefner. 

Rebecca introduces readers to a fantasy world in her Etherya’s Earth series, where Vampires and Slayers have been battling for over a thousand years. Could a common enemy unite these two species, or will they remain locked in an endless battle?

Rebecca’s first two novels, The End of Hatred and The Elusive Sun,  are Amazon chart-toppers. She captured the imagination and hearts of audiences with her unique blend of “Game of Thrones” meets “Nora Roberts”.

The third book of this four-part series, The Darkness Within launches today, March 5.  While you may be intrigued by the concept of combining fantasy, paranormal and romance, the series boasts far more than any average love story. Each book is character driven, led by powerful female characters that explore their own strength and independence.

Lucky for us, Rebecca is already hard at work on the fourth book of the series, The Reluctant Savior, coming in Summer 2019. This book serves as the final installation and is sure to find it’s way into your beach bag!