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Spring Cleaning Tips from C.R. Interior Designs

Written by: Caitlin Rutkay

Could it be that time of year?!

Spring cleaning has taken on lots of meanings-but let’s get to it in the literal sense. It is time to freshen up your home with these steps:

Fresh Eyes

Take stock of where you need some improvements. This is the time to plan painting a room, replacing a rug or carpeting, or getting an exterior project quoted. Service providers’ schedules are filling up this time of year.

Make a Plan

Schedule a deep clean or start booking your own time to do so.

Spin Cycle

Launder it all! Bedding, shower curtains, and other fabric items in your home. Switch out some of the heavier weaves in favor of light.

Seeing Green

Bring on the greenery! Even if its “faux”, the pop of fresh greenery is an instant uplift. Take stock of your planters and replace anything that is cracked or chipped shop for white and bright.

Outside – In

Stage space for the outdoor items needed in the coming months: whether its flip flops and sunscreen or your gardening gear, make an accessible spot where you can find what you need to enjoy the longer days and warmer temps ahead. For me this is a big LL Bean tote in my laundry room.

Fit Fab Moms

It’s not a boot camp, it’s a LIFESTYLE!

That may sound intimidating to some, but these two New Jersey moms are here to be your guide along your wellness and fitness journey. Don’t be fooled by the name, Fit Fab Moms has programs that can be applied to just about everyone in your family, and #HipNJ’s Alex Lee is bringing you everything you need to know about these amazing women and their mission!

Launched in 2017, FFM began when Katie Siano and Lauren Leonard met (during a workout, of course) and began discussing the hardships associated with maintaining or reclaiming your fitness routine as a new mom. While there wasn’t an existing program, Katie and Lauren decided the community needed one, and they were just the people to do it!

FFM boasts personal training style workouts in a group setting. They can be modified and tailored to you based on several factors, all geared toward achieving your personal goals.

In just two years, the numbers grew, and so did their space, as FMM moved from a church basement to a gorgeous studio in Madison, NJ. In true Fit Fab Mom style, Lauren gave birth to her second child just days before breaking ground on the studio!

Women quickly fell in love with the program, the bright, clean studio and the results. As became more confident in their own fitness and wellness journey, they were eager to pass the knowledge and experience on to the other members of their family. Katie and Lauren met this demand by cultivating several additional programs that involve all members of the family.

FHit Kids teaches basics and fundamentals to young ones, aiming to build body awareness, strength and learn teamwork. The ladies recently launched FHit Squad for tween and teen girls. The message focuses on empowerment and strength, both mental and physical.

And they didn’t forget about the guys! Functional Fit Family (or F3) welcomes husbands and men in general to get a great work out, as well. Squeezing in some healthy competition with your significant other is a great way to strengthen your family and keep everyone moving!

To learn more about Fit Fab Moms and what their classes can do for you and your loved ones, visit!

Ambience: A Specialty Boutique

Sometimes the name of a place really says it all. Ambience Boutique, located in Edgewater, New Jersey, is no exception. From the moment you walk in, this specialty store has a vibe and a spirit all its own, offering chic colorful fashions rivaled only by beautiful artwork adorning the walls, set in a warm, yet industrial environment.

#HipNJ’s Maria Falzo recently spoke to Dorothy Regan, co-owner of Ambience Boutique to learn about all the amazing things they are doing to empower women in their community. 

Ambience Boutique was started by Dorothy Regan and Grace Guido. They share a common vision to enhance and transform women’s sense of self through fashion. Regan describe the store as “a fun, community place” and we definitely agree! 

The store provides a positive place of empowerment for women by allowing local artists to showcase their work on the walls and hosting events to celebrate local women.

When it comes to fashion, Dorothy focuses more on how you FEEL in the clothes than how they look on you. “We mix it up! What we love, what we feel that you’re going to come in to the store and say ‘If I put this on, I’m going to feel fantastic wherever I go.’”

Soon, Ambience Boutique will be offering a premium home try-on service for women living in Manhattan, which Dorothy compared to having a “fitting room in your own home.” Which is great for women on the go who don’t necessarily have the time to go out and shop. 

To learn more about Ambience Boutique and what they have to offer you can check them out on their website