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Lose An Hour, Gain Glowing Skin

Losing an hour of sleep is the only downside to Daylight Savings, but what if I told you in exchange for a lost hour there’s a solution for gaining something even better, like gorgeous skin?! 

Picture this: a beauty mask so powerful it can heal acne scarring, deep clean skin, promote skin cell reproduction and hydration, AND help maintain healthy hair – with the help of water or raw apple cider vinegar. Sounds too perfect, right? Wrong! Such a mask exists and is labeled as “the world’s most powerful facial and beauty product”: Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay. This miracle clay is even good to your budget! It can be purchased for $10.95 at, Amazon, or in most drugstores.  

What is it and why is it so powerful?

Aztec Healing Clay is 100% calcium bentonite clay, a form of volcanic ash mined in Death Valley, California – yes, this clay comes from the Earth. It’s odorless and grey-green in color with a velvety texture. When mixed with liquid, it forms a paste that will dry once applied. It is loaded with minerals (calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, potassium, silica and sodium), which is the key to this mask’s power.

Thank God I paid attention in chemistry, because here’s where science gets involved: the makeup of the molecules in this clay carry a negative ion charge. Toxins, impurities and pollutants are comprised of positive ions. What makes the clay so beneficial is its ability to attract and stick to positive ions. The clay also removes excess hydrogen from your skin cells and replaces it with oxygen: AKA hydration!

Now that we got its chemistry out of the way, here’s what that actually means: once mixed with water (or apple cider vinegar) and applied to a freshly-washed face, the negatively charged clay bonds to the positively charged toxins and draws out all of the junk from your skin! While the clay is drying, you’re going to feel a strong tightening and pulsating sensation. This is normal and is a result of its strength. While it’s drawing out impurities, it’s also increasing blood circulation at full speed, which is the cause behind a quick turnover of skin cells!

Once removed, your skin will be red for up to 30 minutes. That is normal – think of it as your blood working at the surface of your skin to heal. With once weekly use over a 4-8 week period, this mask is successful in healing acne scarring and regenerating skin tissue. It prevents breakouts and blackheads by reducing oil production, and unclogging and shrinking pores, which leaves skin soft and glowing. This mask is also super effective at cleaning your scalp and getting rid of any buildup and dandruff – what it does for your skin, it will do for your hair with the added benefit of hair growth.

Important tips for successfully using Aztec Healing Clay on your skin and hair

  • TEST PATCH FIRST! Apply a small amount of clay to your inner forearm to test your skin’s sensitivity. If a rash appears, discontinue use immediately.
  • DO NOT use any metal bowls or spoons when mixing the clay. Metal decreases the clay’s effectiveness thanks to chemistry. Plastic, glass or wooden bowls and spoons are the best options.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar should be 100% raw, organic, unfiltered, and with-the-mother. I like Bragg the most.
  • Best used before a shower because the mask is messy when rinsing off.

For face:

  • Mix 1-2 tablespoons of clay with equal parts ACV or filtered water for sensitive skin. Stir the mixture until it is a smooth paste. If it’s too watery, add more clay. If it’s too clumpy, add *a little* more ACV or filtered water.
  • Apply to freshly cleaned and exfoliated skin with bare hands, an applicator or a small brush.
  • Leave on up to 10 minutes for delicate skin or 20 for normal. Rinse with warm water. Continue with your regular nighttime serums, oils, and moisturizers.

For hair:

  • Your hair should be wet, but not clean.
  • Mix 2-3 tablespoons of clay with equal parts ACV.
  • Apply to your roots (imagine you’re dying your hair) and make sure it’s massaged into your scalp. You can apply any leftover clay to the rest of your hair.
  • Leave on up to 30 minutes. Rinse well in the shower – you can shampoo and condition following this mask. Be sure to comb out any excess clay. Style as usual.

Of course, you will not see results overnight. I noticed a difference in my skin after the third week, using once-weekly. I didn’t start to feel the tingling or pulsating sensation until my second use, so if you don’t feel that on your first try don’t worry! You have to give your skin some time to adjust and restore. Consistency is key.

Fabulous Female – Erika Batista

This month’s Fabulous Female is very successful blogger, and mom, Erika Batista! At an early age Erika new she wanted to be a mom. When she married her husband they had the conversation about her desire to stay at home with her children. For Erika it was important to be there for her kid’s formative years, participate in school functions and be present for all of their milestones. While this didn’t come without sacrifice, she told me that the benefits outweighed anything she had to give up.  It’s Erika’s belief that family comes first.

While caring for her oldest Ben, she would get questions from friends and family about her clothes or makeup, since she was (and is) always so well put together. While Erika loves nothing more than being a mom, she recognizes that she’s a woman first. From her love of beauty and fashion, and as an outlet to keep the essence of the woman she loved to be before her kids, she launched Bye Erika Batista (formerly Lolabluestyle).

Through her blog Erika hopes to share the message that “mom life isn’t the end of your life… we can still be powerful, sexy, independent, loving and hardworking while being moms”.  She wants women to know that our goals are not limited once we have children. Erika’s philosophy is that it’s the opposite, and as mother’s we are natural multi-taskers, and becoming a mother empowers us to realize we can accomplish anything. While her passion is to achieve her dreams one step at a time, at the end of the day what drives her is being an example to her children, and inspire them to be and do whatever they set their minds to.

For Erika it’s a priority to empower and support other women in any way she can. Erika believes that “women who are leaders and support one another, from the kindness of their heart, empower me”.  She loves to use her platform to pay this forward by sharing details, of her life, through her social media accounts and blog. She takes pride in sharing her journey, whether they be wins or losses, so that she can create a connection with other women.

Erika credits her mom as being her biggest inspiration. As an adult she reflects back on her mother being a single parent, and how hard her mom worked to give her the world. Erika knows that she can never fail and the life she lives is so fruitful because of the lessons, and morals, that her mom taught her.

While her mom is such a big role model, she acknowledged that her husband, kids and aunts play a critical role in her success and are her biggest support system. Whether it be her kids cheering her on, with hugs and kisses, her husband being her photographer or getting that helping hand with dinner or laundry Erika says that “my village is golden and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t thank God”.

You can follow Erika at Bye Erika Batista or on Instagram @byerikabatista and on Facebook to get lifestyle, fashion, and make up tips as well as recipes or parenting advice!

Red Carpet Looks and Affordable Prices

At Hip New Jersey we understand that not all of  us can afford the beautiful gowns we see on the red carpet. This inspired us to create the fabulous looks for an affordable price at Bloomingdale’s.

The first look was inspired by Charlize Theron. Her metallic Dior gown shined on the Oscars red carpet. The Halston Heritage dress, available at Bloomingdale’s, conveyed it’s own version to this fabulous Dior dress. Fashion is about making a statement and Charlize Theron was not afraid to mix the metallic look with long diamond earrings. Her glow didn’t end with the dress, her skin was luminous and flawless. The Dior dreamskin serum is a great way to capture the glow we all aspire to have!

The second look made us so ready for the Spring! Scarlett Johansson’s Azzedina Alaia’s floral dress was a breath of warm air! Johansson had a balance of looks by wearing a light and charming gown with the exposure of her tattoos, her short edgy hair and her black studded belt.  Bloomingdales took the this look and created a two piece fitted dress that paired with a black leather jacket. Her peachy toned blush lead us straight to a beauty favorite Nars’ orgasm blush that is available at Bloomingdales.

The third look was Jessica Biel’s floor length Kaufman Franco gown that shined almost as bright as her and Justin Timberlake’s love. Not only were we awing about their relationship we were awing over her remarkable Tiffany collar. It matched perfectly with the gold and silver colors in the gown. Bloomingdale’s used a shimmery gold long sleeved gown to create this look and piled a few necklaces together for an imitation Tiffany collar.

The fourth look was a classic red gown worn by the classy Viola Davis. The dress was red and flat toned without the glitz and glamour but held its own with the off the shoulder and around the neck dimensions. This definitive look was created using a Bariano Australia off the shoulder dress. A flat red it’s easy to pair it with accessories and loud jewelry, but Viola Davis instead used her makeup to accent the dress. A way to capture the luminous look is to grab the Nars, Supervixen lip gloss that has a popular rose gold base.

The fifth look Naomie Harris’ was wearing prepared us for the light feel of Spring-time parties. Her fresh white Calvin Klein dress was detailed with a slight slit under the heart shaped breast line and had a high low dynamic. The sophistication of the dress was increased by the middle part in her straightened hair. Naomie Harris’ lack of color in the dress was evened out by her rustic brown eyeshadow. The Chanel LES 4 OMBRES eyeshadow pallet in 268 is a great way to capture that taupe and shimmery look.

This sixth look was a risky one! Nicole Kidman’s porcelain skin could have been washed out by the nude color of her Armani Privé dress but it worked together wonderfully. The paleness of the dress was accented by it’s enchanted designs throughout. Bloomingdale’s take on the dress used an  Aidan Mattox dress that resembles the elegant look Nicole Kidman had. Her red lip was also a fabulous way to add some pop! The Bobbi Brown imperial red lipstick establishes her red lip nicely.

The seventh and final look we were inspired by was the Elie Saab couture dress Janelle Monae wore. She took the glam to the next level with this look! Monae was covered in jewels. Her hair, her neck and her dress all had a flash to it. Her cute pixie cut look went well with of the whole outfit. Her makeup was filled with glam as well. The  Charlotte Tilbury’s golden goddess eyeshadow pallet is a great product to use to get that glam look.