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Spring Cleaning Tips from C.R. Interior Designs

Written by: Caitlin Rutkay

Could it be that time of year?!

Spring cleaning has taken on lots of meanings-but let’s get to it in the literal sense. It is time to freshen up your home with these steps:

Fresh Eyes

Take stock of where you need some improvements. This is the time to plan painting a room, replacing a rug or carpeting, or getting an exterior project quoted. Service providers’ schedules are filling up this time of year.

Make a Plan

Schedule a deep clean or start booking your own time to do so.

Spin Cycle

Launder it all! Bedding, shower curtains, and other fabric items in your home. Switch out some of the heavier weaves in favor of light.

Seeing Green

Bring on the greenery! Even if its “faux”, the pop of fresh greenery is an instant uplift. Take stock of your planters and replace anything that is cracked or chipped shop for white and bright.

Outside – In

Stage space for the outdoor items needed in the coming months: whether its flip flops and sunscreen or your gardening gear, make an accessible spot where you can find what you need to enjoy the longer days and warmer temps ahead. For me this is a big LL Bean tote in my laundry room.

Spring Trends in Interior Design

It was a very unseasonable day in NYC for February when I entered the Javits Center for NY NOW earlier this month. Sunlight abounded and the temperature was almost 60 degrees! The perfect setting to shop for spring!

This show was a great opportunity to hone in on those accessory items I seek out for clients, and this trip was no different. Here are four key trends on the forefront for Spring:

Rose Gold
Rose gold is still in play. Use it for planters, because with greenery this tone is magical.

From furniture to pillows, place mats to lamps, reflective metal was all over!


Abstract Prints
I am mad for these fabrics by Laura Park and I am putting them in two current projects!


Floral Motifs in Metal
Tommy Mitchell is an accomplished artist taking his cues from old world metal work. His creations are divine fruits, flowers and even butterflies as seen in this table base – I am obsessed with it! 


Using Vintage Pieces with C.R. Interior Designs

Vintage: yay or nay? Love it or hate it, there’s no doubt vintage pieces can add quite a bit of class and history to your décor. Here are some ways that Fig + Farro went 100% reclaimed, compliments of Caitlin Rutkay of C.R. Interior Designs:

  • Located in a former schoolhouse, Fig + Farro’s 6,000 square feet of dining space, along with a 3,000-square-foot prep kitchen in the basement, is furnished almost entirely with reclaimed items.
  • The emphasis on reused and recycled items—including rugs, dining chairs and tables, kitchen equipment, and accessories like antique door knockers—helps further the restaurant’s mission to fight climate change by reducing carbon footprints. 
  • Vintage pieces add a layer of history and texture new items cannot.

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