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Hip New Jersey holds the key to unlock the best-kept secrets in local luxe living. Featuring magnificent real estate and extravagant home décor, we’ll take you inside the most luxurious homes and introduce you to the highest-quality fashion, beauty and wellness.

Bangz Salon & Wellness Spa

Bangz Salon and Wellness Spa is your oasis for mind, body and soul. The ambiance is perfectly set from the moment you step foot into their Montclair, NJ location. Bangz offers a wide array of beauty treatments, while priding themselves in being one of the top salons in New Jersey.

In this segment, #HipNJ’s Gina La Morte was treated to one of Bangz’s signature spa treatments.  During her incredibly relaxing and detoxifying herbal soak, Gina was able to converse with Bangz premier Massage Therapist, Tina Cedeno-Arocho, and gather all that Bangz has to offer.

Bangz Salon & Wellness Spa offers its clientele only the best hair and skincare product lines, including the Eminence Product Line for specific spa treatments. The product line is 99% organic to ensure the healthiest treatments for all skin types. With that, you get to experience a full body exfoliation treatment along with a body wrap. The wraps enable the body to sweat out and detox the fat cells. To top it off, your skin will feel better than ever before and you will have hit the peak of your relaxation point.

Don’t wait another stressful second to receive the ultimate relaxation and beauty experience. For more information about Bangz Salon & Wellness Spa and all treatments and packages they offer, please visit their website.

Future Fashionistas

When you were 5 years old, do you remember what you wanted to be when you grew up? Well, these determined youngsters know exactly what they want and Future Fashionistas is where their dreams are self-crafted towards becoming a reality!

Future Fashionistas of Livingston, NJ inspires and empowers their students every day to think creatively and express themselves through fashion. Hallie Dennis, fashion designer by trade and owner of Future Fashionistas, is utilizing over 20 years of experience and changing the world of fashion as we know it. HipNJ’s Lisa Marie Latino visited the studio, where she spoke with Hallie to gain more insight into what Future Fashionistas is and what they do.

Aside from giving youngsters ages 5 to 18 a place to let their creativity run free, Future Fashionistas provides its students with real experience in the fashion world. They provide three different class sessions from fall to spring, which all lead into their huge annual event in June, The Future Fashionistas Fashion Show. From the lights to the music, runways and more, original pieces from each student are strutted down the runway by the young designers themselves.  This is the most talked about and anticipated fashion event in the area!

“We put together the real fashion show production because it teaches them the real art of fashion design,” explains Hallie. “There is no other program like this that provides the same experience for those who want a head start in achieving their dream towards becoming a fashion designer.”

This year’s fashion show will be held on June 4th at the Wilshire Grand Hotel of West Orange, NJ, and class registration is now open! For more information about Future Fashionistas and all that they offer, visit their website today.

Discovery Wellness Center

The human mind is the number one key tool to that greater and healthier lifestyle we all crave.  But for most of us living in New Jersey, our high-paced, busy schedules get in the way of achieving our goals.

At the Discovery Wellness Center of Morristown, New Jersey, their board of highly trained experts and therapists give their patients that extra push to harness the power of their minds.

HipNJ’s Gina Cerniglia spoke to the Discovery Wellness team at their  “Discover Wellness in 2014” event at the Westminster Hotel in Livingston.  Gina was able to speak with director, Christopher Barker, Ph.D., and observe other therapists in action.  Barker explained how their facility uses psychotherapy to help solve patient issues such as depression, eating disorders, behavioral problems, and more. They use an integrative approach, which channels the mind and body in order to achieve success on the pathway to better living. The goal is to “discover” how to use those tools needed to achieve happiness. We learn that there are major health benefits, both physical and emotional, that come from proper nutrition and meditation.

If you or anyone you know suffers from any psychological issues and/or could benefit from the services The Discovery Wellness Center offers, visit their website and see how to begin the journey towards a better, healthier you.