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Boogie Woogie Babies


Tiffany Taylor is not only a mom, but a woman with big ideas and the passion to dance. She is the founder of Boogie Woogie Babies, a South Orange based organization that makes it easier for parents to bond with their children in a fun, active environment. A mom herself, Taylor quickly recognized that sharing songs with her daughter was educationally beneficial and a great way to come together.

In our interview, #HipNJ’s Lisa Marie Latino talked to Taylor about exactly what Boogie Woogie Babies has to offer. The organization puts together 45 minute classes which focus on fine motor skills, learning to sing, and a finishing dance routine.

Taylor thinks that the class is a great way to get some cardio while allowing a parent to bond with their child. Furthermore, it’s a great opportunity to socialize with other parents whose children are in the 6 month to 2 year age range.

For a chance to join up with the dance class, Boogie Woogie Babies can be found on Instagram at @boogiewoogiebabies and on Facebook at @boogiewoogiebabiesnj

Learning Self Defense with Michael Paredes

Michael Paredes is far from your average salesman that works your traditional nine to five for five days a week. He currently has a new school opening up in Washington Township at the Bethany Community Center. While you might be thinking he provides students with business seminars and other useful information within the field he works in, his classes are quite different from what you would expect. Paredes actually hosts a karate school for all sizes and ages to attend in order to learn self-defense along with the art of the unarmed combat system.

In our interview, #HipNJ’s Lisa Marie Latino talked to Paredes about his love for the practice and how it has shaped his life today. Regarding how he began practicing karate, Paredes said, “I’ve always been interested in it. I’m a small guy, and its always been something on my mind. How do you protect yourself when you’re this big? Once I learned martial arts, I realized there’s so much attitude in it.”

Paredes, who also goes by Sensei Paredes, also noted that certain breathing techniques he learned in karate have helped him relax in everyday situations.

The school is not yet competing, but Paredes’ students have recently promoted from white belt to yellow belt.

His goals moving forward involve creating multiple schools and “bring self-defense to the forefront” for anybody. Paredes said, “If you watch the news and see what’s going on…I always say to myself, ‘Boy, if that person knew some basic self-defense, they could’ve saved their life.’”

If you’re interested in learning more about Paredes and/or joining his karate class, visit or call (551)-404 -2043!

Sabina Hitchen: Press For Success

Becoming a successful entrepreneur can be a tricky course to navigate. There are so many hurdles and unknowns, and going it alone can be scary.

Enter Sabina Hitchen – an entrepreneur herself several times over, this former teacher longed to share her vast knowledge with others. And that is exactly what she’s doing.

#HipNJ’s Lisa Marie Latino welcomes Sabina to the studio to discuss the many ways that she is sharing her knowledge with others, namely through her online public relations school, Press for Success. Members of this “online prep school” are provided with a multitude of exclusive tools, including self-guided video PR courses, video office hours and copywrite coaching, just to name a few.

Aside from serving as “principal” of Prep for Success, Sabina is a speaker and consultant focusing on business, entrepreneurship, social media, public relations, and brand building.

She also creates free content on her personal website,, which is dedicated to teaching both public relations skills and the courage needed to take the next step- whatever step that may be!

Sabina is no stranger to educating others and developing a sense of community. She started off with a career in education and curriculum development, then spent over a decade running a New York City-based public relations agency– all while developing educational programs for small business owners and entrepreneurs. 

You can follow Sabina on social media via @SabinaKnows. We happen to love her Instastory, where she shares PR tips and her daily adventures with her adorable pups and sweet baby,Juliette.