HipNJ Interviews Inspirational Teacher Christine Agro

#HipNJ had the opportunity to interview Christine Agro, a nationally recognized speaker and Inspirational teacher, to discuss ways people can take do-able action steps to help begin to improve their own lives.  If you’re eager to make big changes but are fearful or unsure of how to get it done, keep reading for tips on how to start seeing changes.

“As a clairvoyant, I see everything as energy.  Whatever we’re working on, I can pick it apart to help see what’s underneath it,” Christine said.  “Any situation can be boiled down in one of these three categories: self-validation, standing in your own power and your own truth.”

Christine’s ultimate goal is to teach women (and men) how to understand what is happening in their life, and why, along with giving the tools to create change.  The idea is to then be able to make big changes, both personally and professionally.  As more women and men become aware of the need to become active participants in their own lives, they will continue to learn that they have the power.

Meditation is something one can do to start seeing change.  There are many different forms, but the ultimate goal is about connecting you to your body and being present, making the connection between mind, body and spirit, and bring that into physical form.

“When we step into present moment, that’s where we create our life and create growth and change.  So often people focus on what they can’t do versus what they want.  Ideally, we’d work to shift the focus on what they want and set steps to get closer to the goal.  By doing this, it makes room for lots of changes,” Christine added.

Many of us experience that moment, or many moments, that makes us see experiences or life differently.  This is what Christine considers to be the “wake-up call.”  It’s like going through life with one understanding, but when you peel it away, there’s more to it.  As you deepen your awareness, you uncover whole other levels, and so much more to life.

“Before we’re any gender, race, religion, culture or community/society, the core of why we’re here is to learn and grow,” Christine shares.  “When we understand that, we move from unconscious living to conscious living.  Adversity starts to melt away because we’re looking at experiences differently.”

Christine defines “conscious living” as being an active participant in your own life.  It’s making the decision to focus on what we want to create versus what we don’t want, what isn’t going right or what we don’t have.  Having an awareness that we’re here to grow happens through relationships and experiences.  Though not intentional, most people don’t recognize it requires us to step up.

For more information, please visit her website, www.awakenandgrow.com.  Find out how you can make changes and make your life flow by taking the Awakening Quiz today.