May #HipList: ManiGlovz

It just doesn’t feel quite like summer until you have that first, vibrant mani/pedi treatment! While the perfect manicure is often seen as the ultimate accessory, there is a new accessory designed specifically to keep your manicure safe and fashionable!

HipNJ’s Maria Falzo kicks off our first summer #HipList with ManiGlovz. These statement making gloves are specifically designed to be worn during a gel manicure while your hands are under the UV lights, or anytime you are using the drying lamps. They come in a huge variety of colors and patterns, from elegant marble to bold geometrics.

ManiGlovz can even be used to protect your hands after a laser or cosmetic procedure, when sun light can be extra harmful to your skin. In fact, Mani Glovz have a UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) of 50+, meaning only 1/50th of UV radiation can penetrate the fabric. This is the highest UPF rating any garment can be rated.

You can win a set of ManiGlovz from #HipNJ! Here’s how to enter our giveaway:

  1. Follow @HipNewJersey on FacebookTwitterInstagram and LinkedIn.
  2. Find our ManiGlovz contest post.
  3. Refer to the post’s rules.

One lucky winner will be picked May 31st, 2019!

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