Out of Service

Out of Service

Out of Service, a Voorhees Township-based band, sat down with Lisa Marie Latino in the #HipNJ studio to talk more about their sound and to promote their recently released LP, What We Bring With Us!

Out of Service is comprised of four high school best friends, Brian McGovern, Mike Capuano, Bryan Williams and Kenny Bond. After a brief intercession during their college days, the foursome has found their passion for music again and reunited.

The band discussed how their reunion has ushered in a new era of music for Out of Service. Brian describes this evolution by explaining that, “when we were writing songs when we were 15 years old every single song was about our most recent break ups. Now our songs are definitely still about human relationships, but they’re definitely more lived… they are about things we couldn’t have conceptualized 15 years ago.”

Though Out of Service is serious about their music, Mike maintains that the ultimate goal of the band is to “just have fun”. The group is committed to ensuring that their passion for music translates into their sound rather than worrying about “making it big.”

You can check out Out of Service’s recently released LP, What We Bring With Us on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and Amazon. And for updates regarding upcoming shows and events, click here to visit the band’s Facebook page.

Watch the band in action in these two #HipNJ exclusive acoustic performances: