New Jerseys Best Authentic Irish Pubs to Spend St. Patrick’s Day

Kiss a leprechaun! Drink green beer! Scream so loud that all of your neighbors can hear! St. Patrick’s Day is finally here! Gather your friends and head out to one of #HipNJ’s top authentic Irish pubs. 

Biddy O’Malley’s is a American Irish pub and eatery that specializes in good beer, authentic Irish cuisine and dangerously delicious Short Rib. So, get jig-y with it and step dance your way into New Jersey’s little piece of Ireland

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Soup of the Day: Creamy Potato #getthatchd

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The leprechaun god’s have sent Fairfield a gift and called it  Thatcher McGhee’s Irish Pub & Eatery. If you love finger food, German Soft Pretzels and authentic Irish entrees – Corned Beef and Cabbage and Beer, Thatcher’s will become your favorite St.Patrick’s go-to.

We call shenanigans! The Shannon Rose in Clifton and Ramsey is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, in appropriate Irish manor, with bagpipes, live music and step dancers. Channel your Irish roots (that may or may not exist) and fall in love with the Celtic culture.

Make St. Patrick’s Day an all weekend event- drinking, eating and dancing in ways you never knew you could- at Tommy Fox’s in Bergenfield. From the 15th until March 17th, Tommy Fox’s will be hosting generous happy hours, live DJ’s and step dancing

Let your hair down, have a drink and hang out at Lazy Lanigans in Hackensack. Despite the word “Lazy” being in their name, this place is high energy! With a fully stocked bar, your St. Patty’s Day celebration will continue until the sun comes up- actually only until closing (2 AM).

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Gerald D’Ambra: Founder of ‘NJ on Air’

HipNJ鈥檚 Lisa Marie Latino sits down with the founder of NJ on Air, Gerald D鈥橝mbra.

Gerald鈥檚 newest venture in his successful media-based career is NJ on Air, a streaming TV channel for New Jersey. They produce original shows and partner with local producers around, covering topics in entertainment, talk, and news, all focused on the Garden State 鈥 including Hip New Jersey鈥檚 series, HipTV!

In the early stages, Gerald was looking for sample shows and turned to his wife, Jessica D鈥橝mbra for assistance. Even though she had no television background, Jessica flourished 鈥 hosting two food-based shows and even getting the opportunity to partner with beloved Jersey-based bakery, Carlo鈥檚 Bakery.

NJ on Air鈥檚 vision is to become the destination for live and local New Jersey television programming, while providing a platform for the community, non-profits, and businesses to reach a unique NJ audience. Gerald hopes the platform will raise awareness about the different aspects of our state, while bringing people together to inform and entertain, saying 鈥淲e try to diversify not only the regions but the type of programming we are doing to really reach so many different people across the state.鈥

NJ on Air is not Gerald鈥檚 first foray in media, he is a long-time TV news Anchor, Reporter, Producer, Executive Producer and Publisher. He鈥檚 worked at multiple TV stations and newspapers in the New York and Philadelphia markets, and companies like ABC, News 12, DIY Network, HGTV and has appeared on CNN and the Weather Channel.

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Dr. Drew Speaks on Addiction and Mental Illness

Whether you call him a highly accredited medical professional or a salacious, celebrity commentator, you can鈥檛 deny that at some point or another, you鈥檝e called upon Dr. Drew Pinksy for guidance. Dr. Drew鈥檚 experience as an addiction specialist and as a charismatic talk-show host/media personality, have helped him to sustain 30 plus years in the public eye with a variety of audiences seeking his insight- celebrities included!

It鈥檚 hard to nail down what Dr. Drew is 鈥榖est known鈥 for, but depending on what you select, you may unwittingly reveal your age鈥 So for now, let鈥檚 just read this in rhetoric.

Is it 鈥Loveline鈥, the nationally syndicated radio show which helped to launch his career in media?
VH1鈥檚 Celebrity Rehab?
MTV鈥檚 Teen Mom?
His family of podcasts reflecting on mental health issues, relationship advice, sex education or drug addiction?

The guy has done it all.

It comes as no surprise that he would be a key panelist and guest speaker through The National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) at a very special appearance which took place at the Event Center in IPLAY America in Freehold, NJ.

NSLS鈥檚 Q&A with Dr. Drew generated a crowd of all ages (male and female) for a LIVE broadcast with audience members able to interact on the spot by 鈥榯weeting鈥 in their general and personal questions for Pinsky to respond to. Video chats were set up on giant, high-def screens so students from across the country were all capable of joining in and participating in the conversation.

Before the nitty-gritty really began, Dr. Drew introduced the night by discussing his own battles with depression and anxiety and how choosing to live a life of service is what led him to overcome those obstacles and propelled his success. As a best-selling author, a board-certified internist, therapist, addiction medicine expert, Dr. Drew jokingly refers to his occupational course as a 鈥渕istake鈥.  Meaning, to him, he embarked on this accidental journey from a medical student to one of the world鈥檚 most recognizable doctors simply by building his resiliency, using all of his creative talents and passions to connect with people, and by exploring his options to their fullest potential.

As anticipated, once the conversation was sparked, there was a lot to cover!

Between the science behind addiction as a disease and de-stigmatizing mental illness 鈥 two very prevalent issues and hot topics among adolescent and adult Jersey residents 鈥 Dr. Drew linked all the facets of neurology/biology, lack of spirituality and psychology, experiential/behavioral afflictions and even regulation control, all as contributors to the chaos and clutter which can fester in an individual鈥檚 everyday reality. Dr. Drew is at the forefront of many of these celebrity psychiatric breakdowns and treats those with the most severe cases of drug dependency as we all see the pop culture headlines splash across every platform constantly. This subject matter may be at times controversial, but they are not going away. Addiction and mental illness are two things that have affected many of us directly or the people we love most. It is truly important to Dr. Drew to spread awareness and never stop talking about it.

Towards the end of the session, Dr. Drew presented the assembly with a copy of his latest autobiographical book, Cracked: Life on the Edge in a Rehab Clinic. In this enticing paperback, Pinsky reveals the intimate details and often fascinating anecdotes of his patients (identity protected, of course) as they undertake a lifestyle dealing with emotional trauma, sexual abuse, and/or a host of chemical nemeses: alcohol, Ecstasy, heroin, cocaine, prescription drugs and more. At the core of these stories is Pinsky himself, who has submerged himself intensely in his work. From the overly scrutinized, compulsive public figures and social influencers that the younger generation admires to the average mini-van driving 鈥榮occer mom鈥 that everyone ignores, Cracked exposes powerful scenarios and the sincere scope and rigor of addiction as a nationwide epidemic that simply does not discriminate.

If you or anyone you know is seeking help with social disorders, mental illness, or any form of addition, know it is okay to be there support system. If you notice a change in behavior or an individual who appears to be induced to a vulnerable state, do not ignore. Go to a professional or an authority and seek help.

Live Hard, Work Hard, Play Hard.