Eliza Neals

Eliza Neals

Give it up for the lady pounding on the keys, carrying the melody!

Detroit born- New Jersey resident, Eliza Neals, doesn’t have your normal 9 to 5. Her office is the stage; her desk is the piano.

The award-winning blues/rock singer has been in music for most of her life. She sang with her sisters while she was living in Detroit, earned an opera degree, and now has an album that is on the charts, third worldwide.

Eliza took her opera background and headed in a different direction: the Blues/Rock scene.

“I started singing everywhere I could,” Eliza Neals said. “Every CD bar in Detroit there was.”

Creating her own brand of rock n’ roll blues, Eliza produced a few albums including “Sugar Daddy,” “Kansas City,” and her latest, “Breaking and Entering.”

“The vibe is pretty much you put it in your car, you’re going to drive to the Jersey Shore, you’re going to listen from the beginning to the end,” Eliza said on her album “Breaking and Entering.”

The band behind the tunes is called “All Star.” Gabe Gonzalez from P. Funk, George Clinton and Enema Squad is on the drums, iconic blues guitar player Howard Glazer is on the strings, and Eliza is on those keys!

#HipNJ’s Kendall Zoppa got a sneak peak live performance of “Pretty Gritty” from “Breaking and Entering!”

Eliza describes her music as grungey. We say it is hip and fabulous!

For more on Eliza, visit her website at ElizaNeals.com.


Crowley Cupcakes

Peel off the patterned paper and prepare to enjoy fluffy, sweet and smooth goodness with sprinkles on top at Madison‘s Crowley Cupcakes.

Serving the community sweetly, Crowley Cupcakes churns out between 300 and 1,00 cupcakes daily…not to mention their other delectable desserts, including all-American cookie favorites, specialty breads, cinnamon rolls and brownies!

Inspired by owner Bridget Crowley’s love for baking, Crowley’s operates under the mantra: love and cupcakes are all you need.

“I felt I needed to keep it simple, something that I always loved. I took all the old fashioned recipes from all the different places I’ve made cakes from in the past,” Bridget said.

Crowley doesn’t have a culinary degree, but her shop’s success is an even greater demonstration of her skill and passion.

Beyond the Crowley’s kitchen, pulling up a seat to Bridget Crowley’s dinner table, she joked that her kids say dinner isn’t guaranteed, but dessert is always on the menu!

Send two…or two dozen over our way!

For more information on Crowley Cupcakes, visit them at 7 Waverly Place, Madison or CrowleyCupcakes.com.


The Hip List: Travel Essentials

The summer equals lots of travel! Check out #HipNJ’s Maria Falzo’s vacay essentials here:

1. Neck & Back Cradle
A must have for comfort on the go! The Neck & Back Cradle by Obedo.com creates infinitely adjustable comfort from firm, medium, to ultra soft and is naturally contoured to perfectly match your body shape. It’s compact and completely washable and dryer friendly so it can be brought from a plane to a beach! $24.95, Amazon

2. Foot Cardigan
Treat your guy to a sock delivery each month! These unique socks are perfect to spice up any outfit at the office and guarantee an instant conversation starter. With crazy prints and patterns, your guy will definitely appreciate a foot cardigan delivery. Don’t forget to subscribe your kids too! $9/month, Foot Cardigan

3. Go Sleep Mask
Take one of the hottest trends in LA to the garden state! The GoSleep mask is 100% made in America and is durable, lightweight, comfortable, and washable. This GoSleep mask can withstand plenty of trips and makes sleeping while traveling a breeze. $38, AviatorUSA

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