Tour of Carrino Provisions with HGTV’s Anthony Carrino

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Old world charm collides with new world flavor at Jersey City‘s Carrino Provisions!

#HipNJ’s Lisa Marie Latino and HGTV’s “America’s Most Desperate Kitchens” co-star Anthony Carrino chatted about this wondrous Italian marketplace.

“We wanted to do a market for a long time, and when I met my business partners, [everything fell into place],” Anthony said.

His partners include co-star of #AMDK, his cousin John Colaneri; Dale Talde, of Top Chef fame; David Massoni and John Bush.  The team also owns Talde Jersey City, located right next door at 8 Erie Street.

Carrino Provisions offers a world of Italian delicacies (including the best olive oil you will ever have in your life!)  Their offerings include an Illy Coffee bar; 65 feet of market cases that contain the finest meat and cheeses, homemade pasta and desserts, and fresh seafood; an outdoor courtyard; and cafe.  That’s amore!

“Basically the idea here, is that you can come and eat with us, take food home that we made for you, or buy our ingredients and cook your favorites off our menu!”

As for the décor, Anthony said he and his #KitchenCousin adopted a “less is more” approach.

“Italian food packaging is light, airy and colorful.   We thought, the more stark we kept the shell, the better the colors would speak through the products.”

During the warm weather months, Carrino Provisions hosts an outdoor BBQ.  Every Tuesday from 6-10pm, Chef Talde takes over the courtyard and grills special surprise selections.  Your and your friends can enjoy this all-you-can-eat and drink fest for only $30/person!

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The Cousins and Talde Jersey City

“The Cousins on Hip New Jersey” is sponsored by eLEND.

#HipNJ’s Lisa Marie Latino sat at a table for four at Talde Jersey City, an Asian-American restaurant with one hip secret. Joined by some of the restaurant partners- Dale TaldeAnthony Carrinoand David Massoni Lisa Marie got the inside scoop on this trendy eatery.

Talde JC is one of six hotspots commissioned by The Three Kings Restaurant Group, owned and operated by David, Dale & John Bush. The trio joined forces with Anthony and John Colaneri of HGTV’s “America’s Most Desperate Kitchens” to bring a new flavor into The Cousins‘ beloved Garden State!  (Also check out their other joint, Carrino Provisions).

While Anthony and John were the creativity behind the atmosphere, Dale’s Filipino roots allowed the entire concept to come to life.

“We wanted to put food that was inspired from how and where I grew up,” Dale, of Top Chef and Chopped fame, said. “We’re just trying to have fun and put great food, great atmosphere, great design, great drinks and great service together.”

As for the décor, Anthony said the industrial style of the building, the fusion of Asian and American cultures, and Dale’s overall flavor were all tools in the construction.

“I understand family pride and I understand the passion that goes into it, so for me I wanted to play off of his food,” Anthony explained.

When the steamy plates are placed on the table, they are served with an aura of sharing, much like the potluck styled meals Dale is accustomed to. The partners said sometimes the waiters can’t keep up with the pace of customer orders, not just placed for themselves, but for the table!

“It makes for a party for almost every dining experience that’s happening here!” David explained.

Now that you know about the above-ground Talde JC experience, we’ll let you in on their big secret: Miss Wong’s. It’s a speakeasy bar located downstairs, perfect for before or after dinner cocktails. Pass us a few over here!

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Meet the Stars of HGTV’s “America’s Most Desperate Kitchens”

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#HipNJ’s Lisa Marie Latino cracked open a bottle of Carrino Prosecco at Jersey City’s Carrino Provisions with the stars of HGTV’s “America’s Most Desperate Kitchens”, Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri!  She got the inside scoop on their exciting new series!

For #AMDK, the #KitchenCousins hit the road on a quest to turn the most “desperate” kitchen situation into a gem.  What they found in their travels to places like Austin and Sacramento : with new places come new problems!

The guys love Jersey, but going beyond the borders of the Garden State allowed their creative minds to break new ceilings.

“To really branch out and challenge ourselves again and get that new fire of having to really solve a problem that you’ve not faced before…that’s fun for us,” Anthony Carrino said.

#AMDK takes Anthony and John’s game to a whole new level.  

“The kitchens are HUGE,” John Colaneri promised. “You’re seeing over-the-top, crazy designs.”

The series invites you to join The Cousins from beginning to end with each renovation. Viewers can view the actual casting videos as Anthony and John do, just before they surprise the owners of some of America’s most desperate kitchens.

As for their transition from construction experts to TV personalities, John and Anthony said it is just about being themselves!

To catch the “charismatic” Cousins in action, tune in Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. on HGTV!

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