#HipNJ Women in Small Business: Artemisia

Why purchase a mass- produced, boring gift for your special someone when you can visit Artemisia in Cranford and get something with a personalized touch?

Named after the Italian Baroque painter Artemisia Gentileschi, Artemisia is a retail shop that specializes in artisan gifts for beauty and the home.

#HipNJ’s Kelly Dillon sat with the owners of Artemisia, Wendy Ramirez and Sandy Coleman, and learned all about their wonderful, eco-friendly shop.

“I thought for many years people lost the “art” of gift giving,” said Wendy.  “But everyone is drawn to our unique items.”

A hit among the Artemisia cliental are products that contain sayings; some inspirational, others sweet and quirky.

What’s helped the store (which is housed in a one hundred year-old storefront that still boasts original tin walls and ceilings!) gain popularity is Cranford’s welcoming population.   “We decided to open up the shop here because we felt its residents needed a store like this, and it’s been very well received!” gushed Sandy.

To support Artemisia, please visit their Facebook page.

#HipNJ Women in Small Business: Cheese… Please!

Modeled after the cheese shops of Europe, Cheese… Please! in Cranford gives foodies an array of high quality cheeses to choose from, right in our own #HipNJ backyard!

#HipNJ’s Kelly Dillon took a tour of Cheese… Please! and chatted with owner Maria Tisdall about operating such a delicious business.

“We only order cheese by the full wheel, and we hand-cut and wrap everything in the case to preserve freshness,” explained Maria.  “We also specialize in sourcing cheeses from local cheese makers in New Jersey and New York.”

Among the 100s of Cheese… Please! products, the best sellers include the Prima Donna,  a cheese that is delightful with any accent or drink!

In addition to being the go-to shop for this dairy delight, Cheese… Please! serves up gourmet sandwiches and soups.  They are also available to cater parties and events, and are featured at farmers markets around the area.

For more on Cheese… Please!, log onto their website.

#HipNJ Women in Small Business: VeroLuce Photography

A picture may say a thousand words, but after the special person in your life sees your boudoir images, they’ll be rendered speechless.

Veronica Yankowski, owner of VeroLuce Photography, is a highly accomplished celebrity photographer that specializes in all aspects of the trade.  However, it’s her stunning Inner Diva Boudoir sessions that has caught the attention of the Garden State- and beyond.

Veronica’s work has been on the pages of numerous publications, including Cosmopolitan.  She has shot Signy Coleman of “The Young and the Restless” and Dina Manzo from “The Real Housewives of New Jersey”, among many other notable personalities.  But the majority of Veronica’s business is making the everyday woman look and feel their best.

#HipNJ’s Lisa Marie Latino chatted with Veronica and some of her loyal customers about this sizzling hot photography trend.  Veronica’s passion and love for her craft oozes from her every word, and VeroLuce clients count their boudoir sessions among the best days of their lives.  Lisa Marie was so blown away by everyone’s vibe, she just had to hit the sheets for her own session!

A boudoir day with Veronica is a must-have experience. Her accomplished hair and makeup team do a phenomenal job dolling you up.  Veronica does such a great job in quelling any insecurity that you may have,  and her warm aura enables you to own the moment for the camera.  You walk away from the photo shoot feeling like a confident, beautiful superstar, and the images to back it up!

An album of your classy, sexy boudoir is the perfect wedding gift to your fiance.  It also makes a great anniversary present, or an amazing way to document your pregnancy.  Even if you aren’t celebrating a milestone, it’s one of the best ways to celebrate you!

For more on VeroLuce Photography and Inner Diva Boudoir, please visit Veronica’s website.

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