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National Pet Day

National Pet Day

Happy National Pet Day! Everyday we love our pets but remember to love your pet a little more today.

If you do not have a pet think about the life that you could give a deserving animal. There are also many pets that could use a great home so you can think about the possibility of saving an animals life. 

Here are some great shelters throughout New Jersey to adopt the animal of your dreams!

Mount Pleasant Animal Shelter in East Hanover

Clifton Animal Shelter in Clifton

Parsippany Animal Shelter in Parsippany

My new rescued nephew 😍🐾 #richardtherescue

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St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center in Madison, Mount Olive and North Branch

😢😢😢One more of this cutie. #ilovehim #pleaseadopt

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Happy National Pet Day!

National Puppy Day

National Puppy Day

Happy National Puppy Day! On National Puppy Day there are many things that you can do – you can treat your own dog but more importantly you can adopt a puppy from a local New Jersey shelter. Here are some New Jersey shelters where you can adopt a puppy locally.

Bloomfield Animal Shelter in Bloomfield

Obie is available for adoption! ? He was found as a stray last year and has been working on his manners to become a gentleman. He is a volunteer favorite for his goofy ways! He is approx 2-3 years old, altered, and UTD on vaccinations. He has beautiful eyes and a white coat with brown spots. Obie walks well on a leash and loves to play. He is very friendly with those he knows and trusts, and also gets along will with other dogs and doesn't seem to mind cats. He is a sweet boy who just needs the right home where he can get the love and attention he needs. Obie is wary of strangers at first, so anyone who is interested in adopting him will need to come for several visits to get to know each other first. He doesn't realize his size and thinks he's a lap dog, which is why he needs someone experienced to help teach boundaries, and why we don't recommend he be adopted by someone with young children. If you are a new dog owner and want to adopt Obie, you should be willing to commit to working with him with a professional trainer. Obie loves treats, which will make training easier – and fun for him! He will do best in a household that does not have frequent visitors since he needs slow introduction to new people.#adoptdontshop #newjersey #bloomfieldnj #dogs #dogsofinstgram #terrier

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Liberty Humane Society in Jersey City and Hoboken

Happy Monday from our newest resident Boston Beans! #adoptlocal

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West Milford Animal Shelter in West Milford

Friends of Linden Animal Shelter in Linden

Secaucus Animal Shelter in Secaucus 

Hi! My name is Apollo. I am about a year old and believed to be a Cane Corso mix. Someone left me tied to a fence and the wonderful people from The Secaucus Animal Shelter came and saved me?. I look intimidating, but I am a huge love bug❤️. My first home did not properly train me, but the Secaucus Animal Shelter saw all of my potentional and sent me to a trainer for the past 4 weeks. Now I am a completley different dog and they are so proud of me ??! My ideal home would be one with children 10 years old and above(if any children at all) and recommended to be the only dog. I am very dog friendly, I just require a lot of time and attention. A home with a yard is the home for me, big dogs need room to roam! Whoever wants to love me furever should also be an experienced dog owner – someone who will stay consistent with my training. Training me is a breeze because I am very food modivated, but NOT food aggressive. I know all of my commands(sit, down, wait, come, stay, etc). I also walk very nicely on a leash and I am potty&crate trained. I love any and all toys! *Perks to love this boy included in adoption* Any questions or interest please contact The Secaucus Animal Shelter (201) 348-3213 . I am staying at my trainers house and I am available through the shelter by appointment only.

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Happy National Puppy Day!

World Wildlife Day

World Wildlife Day

Happy World Wildlife Day! World Wildlife Day is all about informing and celebrating animals and plants that we can find in the wild. It is important to teach children about the wildlife at a young age because it is for their benefit to protect endangered wildlife. Even if the wildlife is not in your surrounding area it is important to be informed about our planet. More information can be found at World Wildlife Day website.

Photo by @andywcoleman // There are over 500 amphibians in Ecuador, but I came to Mashpi Lodge, one of the National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World to see one of them – Mashpi Torrenteer (Hyloscirtus mashpi). The Mashpi frog was just confirmed to be a new species last year and they had been found in a stream near the lodge. We went out for a night hike armed with our boots, flashlights and (for me) a camera. As we splashed through the water in the dark, there were sounds all around reminding us that we were not alone. It was our flashlights that would help us find the smaller creatures that come out under the cover of darkness, and we painted the banks of the stream looking for any signs of them. I was taking photographs of a tree frog when our naturalist guide came over to tell me he found this Mashpi frog posing on a branch nearby. This year's theme for World Wildlife Day is "the future of wildlife is in our hands" and I was privileged to witness the conservation efforts at Mashpi to protect all of the species of the cloud forest. Head over to @andywcoleman to see another frog from the night hike. To read more about our Lodges experiences, visit www.nationalgeographiclodges.com #NatGeoLodges #mashpilodge #WorldWildlifeDay

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English is below ?? За последние 40 лет площадь лесов ? в мире на душу населения уменьшилась ? более чем на 50 %, с 1,2 га до 0,6 га на человека. Через лес наши подземные, пресные воды ?пополняются. В большей части лес вырубается для производства бумаги ?и разведения животноводства ? Надо сказать – много леса высаживается ??‍♂️ но этого не достаточно. Я отказываюсь ??‍♂️от бумажных носителей по максимуму и продукции животноводства. #СияющаяПланета? ? Пишите ? greenplanet596@gmail.com Подписывайтесь ✔️ в facebook.com/SHININGEARTH Вступай в группу ▶️в vk.com/shiningearth Вступай в группу ⏩в vk.com/shiningearth2 ?? You have to know that today the Earth surface is covered by forests ? for 50% less ? than 40 years ago. It means that now we have 0.6 Ha per person instead of 1.2 Ha. You have to know also that our underground clear waters ? refills with forests help. Generally humans cut forests off for paper ?producing and farming? It would be right to say that humans try to restore forests, humans plant trees ??‍♂️ but it is not enough. So, I refuse to use ??‍♂️ paper and to eat farming production as much as possible. What about you? #ShiningEarth? ? Our contacts: ? greenplanet596@gmail.com ✔️ facebook.com/SHININGEARTH ▶️ vk.com/shiningearth ⏩ vk.com/shiningearth2

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#ReWild4Wildlife, #WorldWildlifeDay #Wolf #Canislupus #Widlife #Germany #lueneburgerheide #wildboar #susscrofa

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Celebrate World Wildlife Day!