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Sons of Italy Foundation Honors Jessica Wright

Order Sons of Italy in America has decided to honor Jessica Wright for her service to our country and for being a prime example of Italian-American values. Jessica’s passion for her Italian heritage is apparent in her interview.  The granddaughter of Italian immigrant, Jessica is proud of her roots and is grateful for the identity that they have given her!  

Jessica describes what she believes it is like to “live like an Italian” by citing a few key values that her family instilled in her.  Above everything, valuing family and working just as hard as you play seem to be the most important two!

Not only is Jessica a proud Italian woman, she is also an inspiration for her gender as a whole.  Jessica was the first female aviator in the National Guard. She retired as a military officer in 2010 and then worked her way up to a job in the Pentagon under the secretary of defense for personnel and readiness.  The “work hard, play hard” Italian values that she described earlier in her interview are clearly present in Jessica’s life work!

Jessica stresses that this award is not about her, but about “the possibilities and the opportunities that this land affords you, and particularly the military.”  She then goes on to thank those who have supported her throughout her life and gives a touching thanks to her late father.  Her son, Mike, has followed in his mother’s footsteps and is a captain in the army!

Jessica is a truly outstanding example of Italian-American values and we thank her for her committed service to our country!

Michael’s Mission 8th Annual Gala Recap

#HipNJ is proud to share that Michael’s Mission’s 8th Annual Gala was a huge success. The gala was held at the Intercontinental Barclay Hotel in New York on March 16th.

The organization was able to raise nearly $600,000. The proceeds from the event will go towards national-reach programs, education and research initiatives. Michael’s Mission was able to have close to 500 of its friends, supporters and patients attend the benefit.

Eric Roppa was the winner of the raffle. Roppa won two tickets to the concert of his choice at Nassau Coliseum.

The event had many honorees in attendance. The honoree of the night was Donna M. Introcaso-Allison, who earned the 2017 Leadership Award. The Gala awarded Kristen McRedmond for her advocacy for colon and rectal cancer. Joe Orlando received a Mentorship Award for his work with diagnosed patients. Karen Walsh was given The Hope Award for patient outreach and awareness.

#HipNJ and Michael’s Mission are looking forward to the 9th annual Gala.

The 89th Oscar’s Made A Mistake: Weekend Recap

Hip New Jersey was on roller coaster ride of emotions during last night’s Oscar’s when both movies were announced winner of the Best Picture Award ‘La La Land’andMoonlight’.  Definitely a mistake that will go down in history. 

So, relax  Steve Harvey, you’re not the only one who makes mistakes. 

Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty announced the incorrect winners for Best Picture as ‘La La Land’. Turns out they were given the wrong card, the one for Best Actress. (Emma Stone) Shortly, after Producer of ‘La La Land’ Jordan Horowitz, proudly gave thanks in his acceptance speech for Best Picture, he found out “La La Land” was not the true winner. 

Horowitz announced ‘Moonlight’ as the winners for Best Picture and cleared up the mistake as soon as he could. He is proud of ‘Moonlight’ and happily gave the award to it’s rightful owner. 

Now, we can finally say congratulations to ‘Moonlight’ for being nominated for 8 awards and taking home the biggest one of all, Best Picture. 

Congrats #moonlight ?

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