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jersey flood

New Jersey Flash Flood

New Jersey was hit with flash flood waters that swept through the state, damaging homes and businesses alike. Even causing a pileup of cars from a Passaic County Dealership.

Cedar Grove Police Lieutenant Frank Pumphrey said “I witnessed flooding like this since Hurricane Floyd in 1999. We got hit from one end to the other with flooded homes, cars, roadways blocked by debris,”

Cedar Grove in Essex County stretches about 5 square miles and contains 13,000 residents. According to preliminary numbers, Cedar Grove reported 3.78 inches of rain on Saturday.

The highest rainfall totals were reported in Bergen, Essex and Passaic counties, according to early reports. Caldwell topped the list with a staggering 4.92 inches.

jersey flood

By Sunday, the flood waters had receded and all roadways were back open, with no injuries or evacuations reported, according to Kevin Lynch, a spokesperson for the Essex County Sheriff’s office.

Another round of rain is in the forecast for tonight, however, with a risk of 1-2 more inches in some spots across New Jersey, according to the National Weather Service.

Jackie Farrell and her husband, Dave Farrell, who own Dave’s Delicious Deli, on Bloomfield Avenue in Caldwell, said Saturday’s floodwaters had taken over their store and forced it to close.

“For a long time we just tried to keep the water out. I was using a broom to sweep it, we were moving things around but eventually the water just came right up to our doorstep,” she said.

“Every time it rains heavy, water builds up above the gutter. Regular insurance doesn’t cover flooding so we have to assess the damage and decide from there when we can reopen,” Dave Farrell said.

Breaking Bad News Foundation


Communication skills are often difficult to master, and it is a skill that few people are trained in. With that notion comes a four-letter word: HOPE.  The BBN Foundation hopes to change that for the medical world; they teach physicians how to properly deliver bad news to patients, while still shining some light on a negative situation.

HipNJ’s own Gina Cernielia attended the BBN Foundation’s fundraising gala at The Wilshire Grand Hotel in West Orange, NJ.  The night was dedicated to raising money to help properly train physicians on delivering bad news to patients. Gina was able to talk to various members of the foundation including president, Dr. Anthony Orsini, about the meaning behind the organization.  Dr. Orsini explained that their ultimate goal is to support and provide educational programs that promote effective and compassionate communication in healthcare.

Other notable guests of the evening included keynote speaker Scott Chesney, who gave a rousing speech about how important strong communication skills are in helping the plight of distressed patients and their families.

“The BNN Foundation is creative, innovative, and they are doing something special that has really changed the way that doctors interact with patients and parents. Bad news is never easy, but how it is delivered can make a difference,” Scott touted to HipNJ on the red carpet.

For more information about the Breaking Bad News Foundation or on how to make a donation, please visit their website at www.bbnfoundation.org.