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#TrainYourBrainDay NJ’s Finest Escape Rooms!

escape room

Today is #TrainYourBrainDay! Looking to put your brain power to the test? An escape room is the perfect way to actively engage in some brain puzzles with your closest friends and family! The concept is simple—you are locked in room and must solve puzzles and riddles using clues, hints, and strategies to escape in under 60 minutes. I’ve had the pleasure of partaking in a few escape rooms with my family. It was a lot of fun—I highly recommend!

The first escape room I did was The Dorm Room at Amazing Escape Room in Princeton, NJ. As a college student, I thought it was really neat being able to do puzzles in a place that felt a lot like my college home! My first experience in an escape room was tough but definitely a great learning experience for future escape rooms. It laid the groundwork for being able to decipher clues and come up with strategic ways to solve the puzzles and riddles. Unfortunately, my group and I fell just short of escaping. We still had a great time!

The next escape room I did was Lost Jewel of Zanzibar at Escape Room Center in my hometown of Bridgewater, NJ. Set in Africa in 1930, the objective is to find a mystical gem from  a powerful warlord before time expires. I really liked the safari-adventure feel to this room. It almost felt like a Disney attraction! With a little more experience under our belts, my family and I were able to escape this room under 60 minutes. Woohoo!

My most recent escape room experience took place in Power Surge at Escape Garden State, minutes down the road from the #HipNJ HQ in Fairfield, NJ. This room takes place in Thomas Edison’s secret office. The goal is to access his secret work before time expires or else it will be gone forever. Personally, I thought this was the most challenging of the three I’ve done. It took a lot of ideas, guessing, and yes some clues from the Game Master, but we were able to escape! It was definitely my family’s most impressive escape yet!

If you’re looking for a new and exciting way to test your puzzle-solving skills, check out any of the locations I mentioned. The staff was very accommodating and the whole experience was seamless, fun, but definitely a challenge!

New Jersey escape rooms can be found in Princeton, Bridgewater, Fairfield, Hoboken, Atlantic City, Cherry Hill, Hackensack, and Freehold.

#HipNJ Celebrates National French Fry Day

By Kenneth Barilari

Today is #NationalFrenchFryDay, and #HipNJ is here to help you celebrate! If you’re craving some fried spuds, check out this list of the best places for fries in New Jersey! We have included a variety of flavors, so there is sure to be something for everyone.

Hot Grill


Where: Clifton

Must Have: Cheese & Gravy / “Sauce” & Gravy

Grand Lux Café


Where: Paramus / Cherry Hill

Must Have: Pot Roast Cheese Fries

Shake Shack


Where: Paramus / Bridgewater

Must Have: Cheese Fries with Shack Sauce

Windmill Hot Dogs


Where: Multiple Locations

Must Have: Award Winning Good Old Fashioned French Fries



Where: Seaside Heights / Wildwood

Must Have: Cheese Sauce / Dipping Vinegar



Where: Jersey City

Must Have: Kimchi Fries

Johnny Fries


Where: Ortley Beach

Must Have: Flavors (jalapeno bacon & buffalo blue-cheese)



Where: Multiple Locations

Must Have: Truffle Fries

Chickie’s & Pete’s


Where: Egg Harbor Township / Bordentown

Must Have: Crab Fries

The Committed Pig


Where: Morristown / Manasquan

Must Have: Sweet Potato Fries

Now that you’re hungry, be sure to celebrate this very important holiday and get yourself some fries. You deserve them!