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#WeatherWednesday – The Stats Are In: January 11th Will Be The Most Miserable Day

New Jersey residents beware – based on research by mattress review site Sleepopolis analyzing the last 30 years of weather data, we can be sure of exactly which date will bring us the lowest temperatures and least amount of solar energy – AKA the most miserable day of the year, January 11.

The weather is only going to be getting worse as the year comes to a close, but on the bright side, it just may very well be a white christmas!

So make your plans now – lug in lots of firewood, stock up on snacks and hot chocolate, and cancel any plans that would include you leaving the house! I mean who would want to be out and about on such a freezing/dark day when you can just stay in bed and hibernate (or go out and build a snowman, that’s the only exception).