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World Hello Day

World Hello Day

Hello and Happy World Hello Day! This is the 44th Anniversary of World Hello Day with the goal to say hello to at least ten people. It does not matter who you simply say hello to what matters is that you are communicating to people that you come in contact with. Saying hello to ten people is not hard so start saying hello!

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Say hello and have a Happy World Hello Day!

5 Tips To Utilize Social Media For Your Business #SMDay

By Kenneth Barilari

Today is #SocialMediaDay and #HipNJ is here to help you out with all things social media. We have compiled a list of 5 tips for your business to utilize social media.

  1. Visual Matters.

Generally, a person will judge your page based on how it looks before even reading its content. Tweets with photos get more engagement, and posts on Facebook with images get more as well. Always give each post a featured image, and make your profile image something that represents you well and is pleasing to look at, like a logo.

  1. Headlines

Headlines are very important. If your headlines aren’t interesting, people will not click on your links and will not feel compelled to check out what else your page has to offer. Make your headlines as intriguing as possible, while staying true to the post and not giving too much away.

  1. Share At The Right Time

You want to make sure that you are releasing your content at a good time. You want to be sure people are online and ready to view. To do this, you should schedule your posts to be sent out at a certain time. Try out a few different times throughout the day to see what works best for your audience.

  1. Hashtags

If you are just starting out and want to raise awareness and get people seeing your page, use as many hashtags as possible. With hashtags, people who are interested in what you are posting have an easy way to see it. Don’t be afraid to load up on the hashtags, everyone does it!

  1. Respond

If you receive messages, whether they be positive or negative, always respond as timely as possible. This will raise your credibility, which will help you out in the long run.

Stay tuned for more #SMDay posts!

Breaking Bad News Foundation


Communication skills are often difficult to master, and it is a skill that few people are trained in. With that notion comes a four-letter word: HOPE.  The BBN Foundation hopes to change that for the medical world; they teach physicians how to properly deliver bad news to patients, while still shining some light on a negative situation.

HipNJ’s own Gina Cernielia attended the BBN Foundation’s fundraising gala at The Wilshire Grand Hotel in West Orange, NJ.  The night was dedicated to raising money to help properly train physicians on delivering bad news to patients. Gina was able to talk to various members of the foundation including president, Dr. Anthony Orsini, about the meaning behind the organization.  Dr. Orsini explained that their ultimate goal is to support and provide educational programs that promote effective and compassionate communication in healthcare.

Other notable guests of the evening included keynote speaker Scott Chesney, who gave a rousing speech about how important strong communication skills are in helping the plight of distressed patients and their families.

“The BNN Foundation is creative, innovative, and they are doing something special that has really changed the way that doctors interact with patients and parents. Bad news is never easy, but how it is delivered can make a difference,” Scott touted to HipNJ on the red carpet.

For more information about the Breaking Bad News Foundation or on how to make a donation, please visit their website at www.bbnfoundation.org.