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Crowley Cupcakes

Peel off the patterned paper and prepare to enjoy fluffy, sweet and smooth goodness with sprinkles on top at Madison‘s Crowley Cupcakes.

Serving the community sweetly, Crowley Cupcakes churns out between 300 and 1,00 cupcakes daily…not to mention their other delectable desserts, including all-American cookie favorites, specialty breads, cinnamon rolls and brownies!

Inspired by owner Bridget Crowley’s love for baking, Crowley’s operates under the mantra: love and cupcakes are all you need.

“I felt I needed to keep it simple, something that I always loved. I took all the old fashioned recipes from all the different places I’ve made cakes from in the past,” Bridget said.

Crowley doesn’t have a culinary degree, but her shop’s success is an even greater demonstration of her skill and passion.

Beyond the Crowley’s kitchen, pulling up a seat to Bridget Crowley’s dinner table, she joked that her kids say dinner isn’t guaranteed, but dessert is always on the menu!

Send two…or two dozen over our way!

For more information on Crowley Cupcakes, visit them at 7 Waverly Place, Madison or CrowleyCupcakes.com.