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Choosing The Perfect Wine For Your Barbecue

Happy #WineWednesday! With summer hosting just around the corner, wine expert, Joe Roberts shares his tips for pairing burgers, sausages and vegetarian selections. If you’re wondering how best to indulge your love for wine while cooking amid the great outdoors this summer, #HipNJ has got you covered thanks to Fix.com.

For Burgers: Italian Negroamaro


Source: Fix.com Blog

For Ribs: California Zinfandel


Source: Fix.com Blog

For Smoked Meats & Sausages: Côtes du Rhône Red

Source: Fix.com Blog

For Salads: New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc

Source: Fix.com Blog

For Veggie Burgers: Provence Rosé

Source: Fix.com Blog

Now that you know about these perfect pairings, impress your friends at your next barbecue! As Benjamin Franklin said, “In wine there is wisdom.”

Taylor Swift Crashes New Jersey Wedding

By Kenneth Barilari

A New Jersey couple got the surprise of a lifetime at their wedding on Saturday.

Taylor Swift surprised newlyweds Max Singer and Kenya Smith by showing up to their wedding and serenading them with an acoustic version of her hit song “Blank Space.”

Max’s sister Ali had contacted Swift months back asking the singer if she would attend the wedding. The idea came after the passing of her and Max’s mother. Max and Kenya held a private ceremony in his mother’s hospital room so she could be present for his wedding. “Blank Space” was the soundtrack to their mother-son dance.

The wedding took place at Brant Beach Yacht Club in Ship Bottom, New Jersey.

Guests have taken to Twitter and Facebook to post videos of the superstar performing at the reception.

Swift took time to pose for photographs with the bride and groom, as well as their families.

The singer even posted some of the photos on her official Instagram page.

Third wheel ?

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Congratulations Max and Kenya!!

A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

Swift gave the couple a personalized card with her lyrics “So it’s gonna be forever,” written in watercolors and the wedding date underneath. Surrounding the lyrics is a floral circle, with the names of the bride and groom on each side.

The wedding’s DJ Mike Klebacher took to Facebook to share his feelings about the singer’s attendance. “I’m so happy for our wedding couple, and am enamored for Taylor doing this for such a great reason. Wow!” he said.

Brant Beach Yacht Club shared on Facebook, “We always knew BBYC weddings were special.” They then congratulated the newlyweds.

Thanks to Taylor, this couple’s special day became even more magical. It’s a love story, and Taylor Swift just said yes.