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“Power” Couple: Jeff and Gina Mortman

Often when you think of a franchise or a chain, it’s easy to forget about the individuals behind the operation. After meeting with Jeff and Gina Mortman, there is no way you will be forgetting either them or their incredible dedication to making the Totowa Gold’s Gym a truly special environment.

This “power”-couple, as #HipNJ’s Lisa Marie Latino calls them, have been the proud owners of Totowa’s Gold Gym for two years. But their journey really started six years earlier, as customers.

Jeff, a former marine of 16 years, found himself over-weight and decided to take the first step toward change. He walked through the door of his nearest Gold’s Gym and joined their clientele. His wife, Gina, joined a few months later. Both may have looking to embark on a fitness journey, but this gym would change their lives and send them on an entirely new journey together.

After six years, the couple decided to make the gym theirs. As much as they loved what the location had given to them, they wanted to usher the gym into the 21st Century, so they got to work on updating, while still embracing the iconic Gold’s Gym brand.

The most incredible change was an easy one for the Mortman’s; their Hero’s membership. Any active military, police, fire and EMT personnel receive special pricing. Having an intimate knowledge of the sacrifices these individuals make also prompted the Mortman’s to keep their gym open 24 hours a day during the week.

The Totowa Gold Gym now boasts many other perks and amenities thanks to this couple! They brought in new equipment, added a turfed functional training area, a new spin studio, and a new basketball court, just to name a few! They even doubled the area allotted for childcare, perhaps making it a bit TOO fun. “The joke of the gym is that the moms yell at me all the time…’My kids don’t want to leave!'”,says Jeff.

Jeff and Gina have gone to great lengths to remove road blocks for their members, as evidenced by their 24-hour weekdays and the child care program. They also made sure to give members a huge variety of options for the beginner, the body-builder and everyone in-between.

Their biggest piece of advice, again, comes from their own experience: “Walk through the door”. After all, that was the first step that Jeff took eight years ago, launching this amazing couple on an amazing journey.

To learn more about this location, including how you can get a three-day VIP pass, visit https://www.goldsgym.com/totowanj/ and follow them on social media!

Hidden Gems of New Jersey: Lake Hopatcong

Written by: Suzanne LaVoie


Spring has arrived.  Flowers are in full bloom, daylight stretches even longer for you to enjoy the outdoors, and life overflows with excitement to get out there and put the last remnants of winter behind you.  Nature is calling.  Why not spend it in a beautiful area known as Lake Hopatcong (cited as the largest freshwater body in New Jersey) located between the counties of Sussex and Morris?


Water is therapeutic in many ways.  It relaxes you and allows for contemplation and meditation; or you could enjoy some of the diverse activities offered throughout the warmer months, including boating and waterskiing

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Welcome back, lady!

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Boat cruises provide spectacular views of the lake and gorgeous homes that line the surrounding grounds.  Weekend pontoon boat cruises supply opportunities to learn the history of Lake Hopatcong, including some of the specific dwellings that come into focus as you take in all that is around you. 

There are signature cruises on a special vessel to avail yourself of as well during the season from May through October.  Lake Hopatcong additionally offers a “floating classroom” for people of all ages to enjoy and get hands-on experience on an amazing educational adventure (not to mention time in the breathtaking Hopatcong State Park).    


Every outing deserves to begin with a sensational breakfast.  What better place to begin than the Jefferson Diner which was featured on the Food Network with Guy Fieri?  The portions are incredible and if you desire to take home an amazing reminder of the scrumptious delectable, the lobster bisque is it!  You will bask in the chunks of lobster from this favorite soup!

If you crave something mid-day, then you can travel to the Jefferson House right on the lakefront.  Awesome food and beverages in a casual atmosphere along with a catching view!  Who could ask for more?  And yes, there is live music throughout the summer months! A perfect combination!  If you are looking for a terrific dining place to treat Mom on Mother’s Day, the Jefferson House is accepting reservations for Brunch and Dinner.

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Beautiful night…finally.

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How about the evening meal?  Look no further than the Windlass Restaurant, which is also located on the lake.  Indoor and outdoor dining is available and the cuisine caters to all taste buds! This charming restaurant even has outdoor gliders to take delight in!  Oh, and be sure to check out their website which includes a fascinating account of the history of the Windlass and a once-famous amusement park from decades ago!


Lake Hopatcong is a hidden gem in New Jersey.  It exudes its own peace and serenity when you take the time to take pleasure in its gorgeous sights.  It is a fundamental place for amateur and seasoned photographers to get their cameras and phones rolling to capture this natural wonder of New Jersey (there are never enough photos of nature, so go for it and click/snap away). 

There are nearby trails to hike if you are searching for more adventure and fitness.  Numerous events pop up throughout the heaviest tourism months which include various fun activities sponsored by the Lake Hopatcong Yacht Club.  A fireworks display will be held this year on June 28th with a rain date of July 7thBridge Marina also offers events centered on boating enthusiasts.  Come check it all out!


Do it.  Give yourself permission.  Life is busy and often hectic and stressful.  You deserve to treat yourself to a day of tranquility, exquisite eats, entertainment, and experience.  Seek out Lake Hopatcong and be forever changed.      

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Spring Cleaning Tips from C.R. Interior Designs

Written by: Caitlin Rutkay

Could it be that time of year?!

Spring cleaning has taken on lots of meanings-but let’s get to it in the literal sense. It is time to freshen up your home with these steps:

Fresh Eyes

Take stock of where you need some improvements. This is the time to plan painting a room, replacing a rug or carpeting, or getting an exterior project quoted. Service providers’ schedules are filling up this time of year.

Make a Plan

Schedule a deep clean or start booking your own time to do so.

Spin Cycle

Launder it all! Bedding, shower curtains, and other fabric items in your home. Switch out some of the heavier weaves in favor of light.

Seeing Green

Bring on the greenery! Even if its “faux”, the pop of fresh greenery is an instant uplift. Take stock of your planters and replace anything that is cracked or chipped shop for white and bright.

Outside – In

Stage space for the outdoor items needed in the coming months: whether its flip flops and sunscreen or your gardening gear, make an accessible spot where you can find what you need to enjoy the longer days and warmer temps ahead. For me this is a big LL Bean tote in my laundry room.