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Girl Scouts Show Documentary Honoring Hoboken Veterans

Junior Girl Scout Troop 12022 of Hoboken unveiled a documentary celebrating Hoboken Heroes, and #HipNJ has the scoop!

The Hoboken Historical Museum showed the film with admission being a donation to the American Legion Post 107. Their goal is to raise funds to build a new home for the post with six apartments for homeless veterans.

The film is a Bronze Award project the Junior Girl Scouts took on as a way to celebrate local veterans and also share their stories with the wider community.

Furthermore, the 20-minute video took six months to create in total. This was due to the work the girl scouts had to put into it. They reached out to the American Legion Post to identify veterans who wanted to share their stories of service from World War II to today.

Their stories include:

  • Brief respites during long stints in the field
  • Living communistically, by sharing food, during a war against communism
  • Dodging bullets during the Tet Offensive and learning to do things the Vietnamese way
  • Traveling on a troop transport ship across the Atlantic through storms and torpedoes – and how Frank Sinatra was booed by soldiers for cutting ahead of a line of draftees for the Korean War

To learn more about Hoboken Junior Girl Scout Troop 12022, click here!

Izzy Gets the F*ck Across Town

Izzy Gets the F*ck Across Town, a new indie comedy from Shout! Studios starring Mackenzie Davis comes out this Friday, June 22nd.

The film is written and directed by Christian Papierniak and first premiered at the 2017 Los Angeles Film Festival. Shout! Studios describes it as a “delightfully chaotic look at Los Angeles and the struggles of adulting.” 

Izzy Gets the F*ck Across Town is about a “riot grrrl rocker” and hot mess Izzy who wakes up hungover to find out that her ex-boyfriend is celebrating his engagement to her ex-best friend at a bougie party across town that night. Upon finding out, Izzy embarks on a quest across Los Angeles to break up the party in order to fulfill what she believes to be her destiny before it’s too late.

The film has continued to enjoy critical acclaim and has sold out festival audiences across the country. Additionally, Mackenzie Davis won Best Narrative Feature and Best Narrative Performance at the Tacoma Film Festival.  Also, she won Best Performance at the Napa Valley Film Festival.

For television, Christian Papierniak has created and also co-executive produced pilots for ABC, NBC, Fox, Sony, ABC Family and Lifetime. In film, he has worked as a writer for Universal, Paramount, Warner Bros/New Line, Lion’s Gate, Disney and Fox Searchlight.

In addition, the film includes: Carrie Coon, Alex Russell, Alia Shawkat, Haley Joel Osment and many more! The film also features Producer Meghan Lennox, Christian Papierniak’s wife as well as Assistant Director James Lennox. Meghan and James are both New Jersey natives from East Hanover.

The movie is premiering on June 22nd in East Village, New York. For more information on the movie go to the website here!

Wrestling My Toughest Opponent Ever

By Kenneth Barilari

Former Rutgers Prep wrestling star Brett Epps received a kidney donation from Alix Cirigliano, the woman he plans to marry. Kacy Epps, Brett’s younger brother, filmed a documentary chronicling the time before and after the life-saving procedure.

The documentary, titled 5 Ounces, highlights the emotional journey that the transplant had on Brett, Alix, and the entire family. “I wanted the title to be something mysterious, but once you knew what it meant, it made perfect sense,” Epps said. He then told me that five ounces is the average size of a healthy kidney. Mission accomplished.

It has not been an easy journey for the Epps family. Since Brett’s diagnosis two years ago, they have been actively trying to find a perfect match that is able to go through with the surgery. Last year, a match was found. However, due to complications during surgery, the transplant was aborted.

Then, Alix Cirigliano, Brett’s girlfriend at the time, found out that she was a match. The surgery was scheduled, then postponed because Brett’s blood pressure was too high. Brett devised a plan to propose on the day of the newly scheduled surgery. There was another setback, but this did not stop the engagement plan. He proposed in the hospital bed, just as he had planned to do before the procedure was postponed. “There’s no set date yet,” Kacy said. Once the couple gets past recovery, then wedding preparations can begin.

Since the transplant, there have been some bumps in the road. Alix had to go back to the hospital due to complications which have since been resolved. Brett started showing signs that his body was rejecting the kidney, but his medicine was changed and the problems have been solved. He is now allowed to drive and do cardio. “He was able to have his first beer in two years,” Kacy said.

Kacy, a Perth Amboy native, has been interested in film and video production since he was about 9 or 10 years old. He recalls making movies in his backyard. “I love capturing visuals and creating memories,” he said. As time progressed, he started getting more serious. It has since turned into a big hobby.

Kacy says that he doesn’t often plan to film specific projects. Instead, he waits for something to come along and inspire him to create. “I don’t give myself timed deadlines,” he said. “I just do it as it comes to me.”

While this experience has been a roller coaster for the family, Kacy highlights the positives that have come out of it all. “It’s brought us all way closer together. We were a close family to begin with, but this solidified us.” He goes on to say that he has become much closer with his brother’s fiancé, who “has done so much.”

Along with younger brother Cody, Kacy created a Facebook page at the time of Brett’s diagnosis to spread the word that he was looking for a living donor. The page, titled “Wrestling My Toughest Opponent Ever,” has almost 6,000 likes. Check it out to learn more, and watch the documentary above.