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Philip Petracca On Making Bottled Beer Taste like Draft 

Philip Petracca, CEO of Fizzics, sat with Joanna Gagis on “A Life & Living Moment” to discuss how his invention uses sound waves to turn a bottled or canned beer into a draft quality beer.

“We use no gas, no chemicals and no nitrogen to provide this idea of quality foam,” Petracca says. “So, it’s not going to alter the flavor profile of the beer.”

Fizzics utilizes sound waves, pouring the beer under pressure. “We want to maintain all of the carbonation,” Petracca says. Gagis tries it out for herself in the clip above.

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Philip Petracca on Fizzics

Philip Petracca, founder and CEO of Fizzics, joined Lisa Marie Latino in the #HipNJ studio to discuss the revolutionary draft beer system.

About four years ago, Petracca and co-founder David McDonald were having a draft beer and got into a discussion on why beer tastes so good when it is fresh from the tap. “Ten months later, we developed the technology that utilizes sound waves and pours the beer under pressure,” Petracca says. “What we’ve done is make the foam taste delicious.”

The campaign kicked off on Indiegogo, making a quarter million dollars. The pair found success elsewhere as well, specifically on ABC’s Shark Tank. “It was a tremendous experience,” Petracca recalls. “We ended up doing one of the highest deals ever on the history of the show with Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner.” 

All of this has been done out of the Garden State. “We’re proud to be born and raised in New Jersey,” Petracca states before giving us a demonstration, which can be seen in the video above!

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