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Luxury Garage Sale Pop Up Shop

Luxury Garage Sale Pop Up Shop

Luxury Garage Sale (LGS), a leading omni-channel retailer specializing in luxury designer clothing, handbags, shoes and accessories, is opening its first Westfield pop-up shop for a 30-day run. The pop-up will launch at 76 Elm Street in Westfield, New Jersey. Here for one month only, the pop-up will open on Wednesday, August 15th and will run through Saturday, September 15th with an opening party on Thursday, August 16th from 6-8pm.

With personalized service, Luxury Garage Sale is known for setting new benchmarks in luxury consignment. It offers shoppers a curated luxury shopping experience unparalleled in Westfield, New Jersey, and gives consignors a trusted avenue for re-selling their goods at fair market prices. Luxury Garage Sale’s personalized service includes above-and-beyond offerings for women and men such as complimentary one-on-one personal styling consultations, industry-leading commissions and authentication guarantees.

The Westfield, New Jersey pop-up will have a 30-day run and feature a wide selection of fully authenticated, hand-selected items chosen specifically for the fashion savvy, discriminating shopper. The selection includes women’s and men’s designer clothing, handbags, shoes, jewelry and accessories at varying price points. Shoppers will find many one-of-a-kind items transported to their backyard at the Luxury Garage Sale Pop-Up Boutique. Goods from top designers such as Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Hermes and other luxury designers line the racks and shelves. Plus, every week the store will be refreshed with new arrivals.

Luxury Garage Sale

Founded by childhood friends Brielle Buchberg and Lindsay Segal, Luxury Garage Sale is the result of its co-founders’ extensive experience in fashion, retail, marketing and styling. Their deep knowledge informed Luxury Garage Sale’s consignment and sales processes, which are setting new standards in the luxury resale industry. With boutiques in Chicago, Dallas, Minneapolis and Seattle, and a state-of-the-art e-commerce platform, Luxury Garage Sale has been featured in notable media such as Vogue, Refinery29, Marie Claire and ELLE.

Luxury Garage Sale customers are privy to a rewarding shopping experience because of its talented stylists and superior merchandising. “We really know our customers, and select the pieces we feature in each pop-up shop with its location in mind. Our market expertise and style acumen make it possible for shoppers to find exceptional staples—as well as rare pieces that can be transformative,” said Buchberg.

An equally strategic approach informs Luxury Garage Sale’s consignment process. “It’s intuitive and hassle-free, because we know when it comes to coveted, gently used designer pieces our clients rely on us for the most effective reselling experience and return on investment,” said Segal. “Our in-house market experts evaluate, authenticate, photograph and price every item we consign, and go the extra mile to meet our clients’ requirements and needs.”

Luxury Garage Sale

Pop-ups also give consumers access to Luxury Garage Sale’s most customer-friendly consignment practices: the option to drop off merchandise during store hours without prior appointment, and complimentary in-home consignment consultations and merchandise pickup. LGS handles the rest for a seamless, stress-free experience.

Luxury Garage Sale’s New Jersey pop-up can be found in the following location:

Westfield, New Jersey August 15 – September 15
Monday-Saturday: 10am – 6pm
Sunday: 12 – 5pm

For more information:
visit www.luxurygaragesale.com
Facebook: @LuxuryGarageSale
Instagram: @LuxuryGarageSale
Twitter: @LuxuryGarage

New Jersey Has Strong Neighborly Relations

Neighborly Relations in New Jersey Among the Strongest In the US, Reveals Survey.

  • New Jerseyans would offer $205 to help a neighbor in need, among the highest in the US.
  • More than 1 in 10 Americans would ask their neighbor for financial support.
  • Alaskans would lend the most, North Dakotans would lend the least.
  • Interactive map across the states.

“Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself” is one of the best known biblical commandments. But is it put into practice in American communities today?

New research from leading all-American window and door manufacturer, Windows USA, revealed that it is, with the average American stating they’d lend their neighbors a significant $166.85 if they were in need. What a country of good Samaritans!

Windows USA’s survey of 4,050 people highlights Americans’ big-heartedness across the country, but which state is the most generous? That is – if you suddenly find yourself with broken windows in mid-winter or without a roof in summer, who could you rely on the most?

Overall, it appears Alaskans have the biggest hearts – or the biggest wallets – revealing that they’d lend a considerable $706.15 to their neighbors. Alaskans should have no problem asking the people next door to water their plants if they were going on vacation then! Following them are the good people of The Garden State, who said they would lend a significant $205.08 – in fact, they among the most generous in the US! On the other end of the scale, North Dakotans were the least giving, though they would still lend $16.26 if their neighbors needed financial support. Windows USA’s survey may have proved that we’re a charitable country on the whole, but how long would we give our neighbors to pay us back? According to the results, the average person would wait 1.6 months before asking for repayment (if it hadn’t been made). Interestingly, one in ten (9.4%) said they would also charge interest if they lent money to a neighbor – so if you ever find yourself in need, make sure to find out the terms first! It’s the men who appear savvier (or more ruthless rather) when it comes to lending money, as 13.3% stated they’d charge interest, compared to just 5.9% of women.

What was surprising is that even though the average person is prepared to lend their neighbor a substantial amount of money, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re prepared to socialize with them! Windows USA’s survey revealed that in the past year the average household has spent less than four days hanging out with their neighbors (3.7 times in fact)! Considering they are literally just a few steps away 365 days a year, that’s not a great deal of entertaining happening… But despite this, a significant 42.2% of respondents said that they would consider their neighbors as friends.

So how many Americans would actually reach out to their neighbors and ask for money if they needed it? Well, over one in ten (14.8%) admitted they would ask to borrow money from next door. And surprisingly, despite feeling close enough to ask for cash, less than half (41.8%) of people would not give their neighbors a spare key to their home.

The survey also found that around only 1 in 10 Americans (13.6%) would also reach out to a neighbor for help with handy work, such as installing a new door or window. However, the majority of respondents said they wouldn’t trust their neighbor’s skills in the DIY department, however, as 33.4% would prefer to call in a professional.

One of the most heartening statistics to come out of this study was that the majority of Americans (77.3%) would even volunteer to temporarily house their neighbors if their home became unliveable, for one reason or another.

Michael Allbritton from Windows USA says: “One of the biggest insights from our survey was how the majority of Americans will support and house a neighbor in need. It’s also deeply encouraging to find that people will provide considerable financial assistance to others in their community. It is clear from our study communities across the country can rely on each other as part of a wider support network.”