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All About the Grammy’s Weekend Recap

 By: Lisa Cardoso


This Weekend Recap is all about the 59th Grammy’s Music Awards! Hip New Jersey, was loving every minute of it! Queen Bey’s performance had us glued to the TV, Adele’s re-do of “Fast love” had us confused and Chance the Rapper made us proud!
Adele had a tough start to the 59th Grammy Awards by singing off key to the George Michaels tribute. When she began to sing she fell a little flat causing her to stop the song and start over. There are many different opinions on this but us at Hip New Jersey think she did the right thing.

Starting over and not allowing the George Michael tribute to be imperfect shows a great deal of respect to him. Adele is an all around respectful person. Winning three of the top awards last night and being the first time an artist has won all three (record of the year, song of the year, and album of the year) she took her acceptance speech and honored her close competitor Beyoncé. Although her start may have been a little rocky, she was the shining star of the Grammy’s taking home five awards!


Another artist to congratulate and recognize is Chance the Rapper, taking home three awards last night (best new artist, best rap album and best rap performance). A win that goes down in history because Chance is the only artist to win a Grammy without selling physical copies of his music. Chance has remained unsigned and only drops his new music via live streaming allowing audiences of all means able to listen to his music. Congratulations Chance the Rapper and thank you for remaining humble and giving!

Did you know #BestNewArtist winner @chancetherapper is the first artist to win a GRAMMY from a streaming-only album? Congrats Chance! #GRAMMYs

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Now, we haven’t forgotten about Queen Bey! Beyonce´s performance last night was a movement as she wore a Peter Dundas golden gown. Fans are saying it was a religious experience and are in awe of her beauty. Starting out with her mother introducing her and her daughter sitting by her side, captured the essence of how important her family is.

Carrying twins can’t stop this proud mama from getting on stage and completely kill it! Her pregnancy glow radiated through the screen and touched all of her fans personally. The golden gown and the large gold head piece illuminated her already golden heart. Beyoncé set the bar for all pregnant women out there.

Beyoncé was nominated for nine different awards, although she didn’t win all of them beyonce was the highlight of the Grammy’s. Adele accepting her highest award still turned the spotlight right back on to Beyoncé.

This breathtaking performance by @beyonce is just the beginning of the epic #GRAMMYs performances happening tonight. Keep watching on @cbstv!

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A few other highlights we wanted to mention:

-Katy Perry’s performance of her song “Chained to the Rhythm” got a little political starting with the well known Hillary Clinton pantsuit and ended standing in front of the constitution yelling “No Hate!”

-Twenty-one pilots accepted their award in their underwear? Although fashion is a huge part of the Grammy’s Twenty-one pilots decided to shed their bottoms and walk out on stage. Before the duo became famous they watched the award show in their underwear, it only seemed fit to continue their tradition and accept their award in the same suit.

-Bruno Mars performed (and dressed like) Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy” and nailed it.

-Even though there was technical difficulties Lady Gaga’s performance with Metallica. Metallica’s “Hardwired” was nominated for Best Rock Song, but fell short to David Bowies “Blackstar” 

I'm living!!!! @twentyonepilots #TwentyOnePilots #Grammys

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@brunomars lighting up the stage with his electric #GRAMMYs performance!

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Euuuu tô SURTANDO! AAAAAAAAAAA #ladygagagrammys #metallicagrammys

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Election Day

Happy Election Day

The wait is finally over. This day only happens once every four years, and today is the day. Happy Election Day. The long debate of Trump versus Clinton will finally be resolved.

Donald J. Trump

Hillary Clinton

Tune in later tonight to see who America chooses as their next president. Happy Election Day!

black vote

The Black Brunch NJ Hosts ‘Rock The Vote’

By: Armand V. Cucciniello III

With the 2016 general election just seven weeks away, enthusiastic New Jersey residents and citizen action groups are mobilizing to raise awareness and register eligible voters by October 18, the state’s voter registration deadline.

The Black Brunch NJ, a professional networking organization founded by L’Oreal Drayton, sponsored a Rock The Vote voter registration drive at Bloomfield College on Saturday, September 17.

“Voting gives people the freedom to make better decisions,” said Drayton, a New Jersey-based entrepreneur. “To run a business, you have to know the laws and regulations that impact your operations and concern your consumers. Local, state-level, and federally elected officials affect all of that via legislation.”

While the presidential race tends to draw the most attention, all 435 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives are up for grabs on November 8. Twelve of these seats are allocated for New Jersey, one for each of the state’s congressional districts. The importance of a general election runs deeper than Washington based, federal level politics, though. Local elections will be held in some towns and cities across the state, and a vote on two statewide ballot measures will take place:

Public Question 1 allows voters to decide on changes to the state’s gambling rules. A “yes” vote will clear the way for the New Jersey Legislature to pass laws allowing for two additional counties to each have one new casino, thereby ending a four-decade monopoly in Atlantic City. (Voting “no” opposes the proposal.) Public Question 2 addresses taxes, dedicating all revenue from gas taxes to transportation projects. A “yes” vote supports the proposal; a “no” vote opposes it, thus devoting the same levels of revenue to transportation projects.

The U.S. president’s direct impact on peoples’ daily lives is arguably nominal compared to that of other elected officials. The federal budget, for example, is controlled by the U.S. House of Representatives. Property taxes are determined at state and local levels. State income and sales tax rates are determined by state legislatures.

“State-level and local elections tend to impact residents much more directly,” says Drayton. “That is why paying attention to your assemblyperson’s and state senator’s positions and voting records are critical.”

This year there are roughly 226 million eligible voters in America, according to Pew Research Center. However data from the 2012 general election showed that only about 54 percent of the voting age population actually votes – a number considered low by international standards.

“People need to get involved. I think part of it is human nature. We wait until we need to be concerned. But if we get ahead of the game – if we proactively educate ourselves about the issues, how they will impact us, our kids, our grandchildren, in the future – I think more people would be voting and following political issues much more closely,” says Drayton.

New Jersey residents can check their voter registration status online by visiting www.Elections.NJ.gov . Eligible voters must be registered by October 18 to vote in the election on November 8. To register online, visit http://nj.gov/state/elections/voting-information.html.