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We’re in Love with these #HipList February Picks!

The Hip List’s Maria Falzo is here to show you the latest products she has fallen in love with, just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Kiss Your Cravings Goodbye is the first all-natural lip moisturizer designed to reduce cravings. Designed by the world’s top chemist, this natural treatment is based on a proprietary blend of essential oils, rare plant extracts, and hydra-infused lip conditioning agents from around the world. Within the first few applications, cravings are diminished for up to 3 hours. It will make anyone who applies it thirstier, hence making them crave water as opposed to junk food. This, along with many of Kiss Your Craving Goodbye’s products, are perfect for those willing to live a healthier lifestyle while also looking glamorous.

You can check out their other cut craving products on KissYourCravingsGoodbye.com. Use promo code FREEKISSES from now until February 27th to receive 20% discount off your entire purchase! Retail Value: $24.95 

Life Clothing Co, based out of Los Angeles, is an online womenswear shop tailored for wanderlusters and trendsetters. They incorporate California’s laidback and fashionable culture into every one of their garments. The apparel is extremely soft and comfortable, and is perfect for staying stylish during daily activity and travel, or just relaxing at home. Life Clothing Co’s Power of Love tee is perfect a chill Valentine’s Day with your significant other! You can shop for graphic tees, dresses, rompers, kimonos and bottoms at LifeClothingCo.com.

Maria is wearing the Power of Love Beverly Sweater, which is a vintage-inspired, slightly cropped pullover. It has a relaxed, slightly oversized fit and features a wide scoop neck and raw finish in their super soft fleece. Trust in love and magical things will come! Power of Love Beverly Sweater Retail Value: $52.00

spring fling

Announcing our Hip List Spring Fling Winners!


Congratulations to our Hip List Spring Fling winners! 

@DerekMommy2012 (Twitter) – “Sleepy Toes” by Kelli McNeil

@SeanAtch41 (Twitter) – Simply 8 Junkless Bars

@Eevongelic (Twitter) – Culver Creation’s Bow Holder

@SheRevelations (Twitter) – G&H Therapy

Marilyn Nicholls (Facebook) – LifeTherapy

@NicoleTorossian (Instagram) – She’s Her Own CEO hoodie

Miss_Red_Me (Twitter) – Goddess Garden 

@Mandy_Johns (Instagram) – Tech Smart Wallet Cross Body Purse

Melissa Soranno (Facebook) – Tervis Tumbler


Announcing Our #HipHolidays2016 Winners!

Thank you to the hundreds and hundreds of people who entered our #HipHolidays2016 giveaway!  Here’s who made Santa’s Hip List:

Formaggio Cheese: @MushyStarr (Twitter) 

“Ten Years Later”: @MewzMe2 (Twitter) 

Wiggletot: @NicolesChoice1 (Twitter) 

NJ Mom HQ: @Laxer1215 (Twitter)

“Lies and Other Acts of Love”: @Gottobe2 (Twitter)

Baby Accupressure System: @DBlack717 (Instagram)

Baby’s Time Capsule: @MarkGirlJana (Twitter) 

She’s Her Own CEO: @PattyCakes_65 (Twitter)

Nerium: @Darlene4999 (Instagram)

Booby Bars: @Farrell1939 (Instagram)