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A Day “Live with Kelly’

By Noelle Gambino

After sitting in 2 hours of traffic and missing the check-in deadline time, I was out of hope that I would make it on time to see “Live with Kelly” yesterday. In line at 8:30, 30 minutes before Live goes live, there was still enough room in the audience for a few more. Walking through the revolving door of ABC Studios I didn’t realize I would be walking into one of the best days of my life.

The show started as planned at 9 as the audience was packed into the seemingly large studio. New Jersey native Kelly Ripa holds true in real life to the sweet and comedic personality seen on screen. The guest for the day was Jerry O’Connell and the two hosts are such a dynamic duo. After the first live taping at 9AM filled with Joe Jonas, Bernadette Peters, and plenty of puppies the audience was asked to stay to be part of filming the intro to two other “live” tapings. Stay tuned for the August 10th episode when Kelly tries to decipher her daughter’s emoji language and one audience member (me!) comes up with the idea that a dolphin emoji represents that her day went “swimmingly”.

After the show while waiting in the lobby for in interview with Joaquin, Ripa’s very polite youngest child, Kelly herself walked right through the front door. I had met her once before on a college tour while she was with her eldest son, so I had gotten over being star struck and could have a real conversation with her. She remembered me! After all the excitement I forgot to capture the moment on camera. But after talking with her, looks like there will be plenty of opportunity if she visits he-who-shall-not-be-named on campus.

#HipNJ Celebrates Chili Dog Day

By Kenneth Barilari

Hey, #HipNJ readers! Today is a very important day, and we want to help you celebrate. In case you didn’t know, today is Chili Dog Day. It’s a day to celebrate one of America’s favorite foods, and we have compiled a list of some of the best places in NJ to get one!

Hot Grill (Clifton)hot

Customer said: “If you like chili with your dogs this really is the place for you.”

Hank’s Franks (Lodi)

hankCustomer said: “The onion sauce is terrific and the chili is the bomb.”

Rutt’s Hut (Clifton)rut

Customer said: “The chili was delicious. It almost tasted like it had stew beef in it.”

Hot Dog Caboose (Midland Park)caboose

Customer said: “I recommend the chili dog, really yummy!”

Lindy’s (Brick)lind

Customer said: “Add on their homemade chili with some mustard, onions, and cheese, and you’ve got one hell of a chili dog.”’

Max’s Hot Dogs (Long Branch)max

Customer said: “It’s worthy of mentioning the greatness of Max’s own chili – it’s chunky and full of flavor, not runny like you’ll find at other hot dog joints.”

Head over to your favorite hot dog place and grab yourself a chili dog!

#HipNJ Celebrates National Creme Brulee Day

By Kenneth Barilari

Today is National Creme Brulee Day! Creme Brulee is a dessert consisting of a rich custard base topped with a contrasting layer of hard caramel. If you have never tried it, you’re definitely missing out. For those of you who have, as well as those that have not, today is the perfect day to get one. To help you out, #HipNJ has compiled a list of the best places to get some creme brulee in New Jersey!

Nasto’s Ice Cream (Newark)

This throwback retail shop of a local ice cream manufacturer specializes in a variety of flavors and cakes!

Nasto’s Ice Cream
236 Jefferson St
Newark, NJ 07105

Fricassee French Bistro (Montclair)

This local favorite is sure to win you over.

Fricassee French Bistro
6 Park St
Montclair, NJ 07042

 Houlihan’s (Various Locations)

This chain is known for their delicious creme brulee!

Provesi (Morristown)

This BYOB Italian restaurant is the perfect date night setting!

50 South St
Morristown, NJ 07960

Third & Vine (Jersey City)

They specialize in the finest in cheese, wine, cocktails, and small plates available anywhere!

Third & Vine
353 3rd St
Jersey City, NJ 07302

A holiday calls for celebration, and we just gave you some great places to do just that! You know what to do.