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New Jersey Family Magazine

Happy Mother’s Day, New Jersey!

It’s no secret that most mothers could use a little bit of help every now and then – and maybe even plan something just for her. One of the best and all-encompassing resources for New Jersey moms is New Jersey Family magazine.

#HipNJ’s Lisa Marie Latino welcomes Dina El Nabli to the studio to discuss all the things this family-focused magazine does to help Garden State Mamas!

Having been around for nearly 30 years, New Jersey Family magazine has evolved to keep up with the changing pressures of Motherhood and New Jersey life. Most recently, the platform has under gone a mini-makeover, with a fresh new logo and a re-focusing on the role of “Mom” in the family.

“We are moms, and that’s our most important job, but we are women first, and so we really need to fill our own cups to be there for our kids.” To reinforce this philosophy, New Jersey Family has put a bigger focus on topics like healthcare, fitness, beauty, and even tips on girls’ night out and how mom can finally score some “me time“!

One awesome new feature in the magazine is their “Mom Crush” where they place a spotlight on one inspiring woman who is taking strides in motherhood and work-life balance. Recent Mom Crushes include author Kate Parker and Jersey Shore Cosmetics creator, Jacquelyn Foster-Quattro.

New Jersey Family also knows that different moms have different needs, from what information they need to how they get it. They offer magazines for Moms at all stages of Motherhood, from New Jersey Baby, to Raising Teens! And while you can find a copy of New Jersey Family at grocery stores and your local rec centers, they are also available at njfamily.com and across social media!