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The 41st Annual Cherry Blossom Festival

It’s that beautiful time of year again when the weather starts warming up and the flowers start blooming. Have you gone to see the 41st Annual Cherry Blossom Festival yet?  Don’t worry if you haven’t, #HipNJ is here to remind you.

Branch Brook Park holds events up until April 23rd. You should come see why we’re known as the Garden State. 

New Jersey has the largest collection of cherry blossoms in the country, 5,000. (Go hard or go home!) Visitors from all around head towards Newark, NJ to admire it’s beauty. Don’t miss out! Cherry blossoms aren’t in bloom for  long.  

Click here for a list of events!

#cherryblossoms 🌸

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National Crème Filled Donut Day

By: Andrea Fasciano

For all of you donut lovers out there, today is going to be an amazing day. September 14th marks National Crème Filled Donut Day! Here are some places around the #GardenState to help you and your taste buds celebrate!

1. Uncle Dood’s Donuts, Toms River

2. Shore Good Donuts, Beach Haven

3. Broad Street Dough Co., Oakhurst

4. Beignets, Denville

5. L & M Bakery, Riverside

6. The Donut & Coffee Company, Farmingdale

Cheat day??? Then come stop in for a Kronut. #chocolate #mousse #boston #cream #homemadefood #donuts #nj

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7. Donuts Time Café, Hamilton

Now you can be sure to have a sweet day! Take a break from your hectic daily schedule and grab a crème filled donut to celebrate.

Phil Ross and Survival Strong

#HipNJ’s Lisa Maria Latino sat down with Phil Ross, author of Survival Strong, to discuss his new book.

Survival Strong provides the ultimate guide to protecting yourself and your loved ones. Ross incorporates his background and life experiences to help his audience learn how to become more alert. As Ross explains, “you can never let your guard down, and it doesn’t make you paranoid. It just makes you aware”. Everybody will gain something from this book that will be beneficial to their daily lives.

Ross is also offering once a week classes in his studio to go along with the Survival Strong program. This class consists of bodyweight technique and defensive tactics. Additionally, Ross has certified several Physical Education teachers at Dwight Englewood High School as well as four other schools locally.

Be sure to check out Phil Ross’ self-defense classes and seminars near you!