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Ateliers 113 Salon

Sure, we’d all love to travel the world and get pampered by beauty masters from all over. Ateliers 113 in Summit, NJ is bringing a little piece of that dream to life in their gorgeous Salon!

#HipNJ’s Alex Lee welcomes Ateliers 113 owner, Michelle Azouz and Master Designer, Ruben Torres to the studio to talk all about what it takes to be successful in today’s beauty industry.

This full-service salon focuses mainly on hair design – the true passion of owner Michelle. And with this multiple award-winning professional at the helm, this salon isn’t following the trends, they are setting them! Her 20-plus years of experience include training and traveling through the United States, Europe and North Africa.

Michelle and Ruben are seeing more and more fun color requests coming through their door. So whether you want to keep it natural looking, or are “dye”ing to know how you’d look like with full on rose gold tresses, Ateliers 113 has the knowledge to elevate your look.

Ateliers 113’s extensive menu includes precision cuts for men and women, perms and special event styling. With Prom and Wedding season upon us, this is definitely where you want to get your hair-glam on!

They are also strong believers in maintaining healthy hair through a healthy scalp, offering scalp treatments and massages for that extra level of pampering.

As a Master stylist, Ruben brings the perfect blend of passion and technicality. While he remembers being inspired as a young boy by his own mother’s post-pampering joy, he knew the importance of a vast education. “It’s nice to be artistic, but at some point you need to make sense of what you’re doing…so there’s a technical side to it as well.”

To learn more about Ateliers 113, visit ateliers113.com and follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

GlamLife Lounge

When looking for a cosmetologist, you want someone who is passionate about what they do, someone who loves their craft.

Jennifer Capella, owner of GlamLife Lounge in Maplewood, NJ, couldn’t just focus her passion on her clients outward appearance. Jennifer needed to transform her clients confidence to truly feel like her job was done.

#HipNJ’s Vanessa Coppes welcomes Jennifer to the studio to discuss where this passion came from. When Jennifer relocated from Brooklyn to New Jersey, she struggled to find a place that met her expectations. So she did what most strong women who find something lacking in their community do: they build their dream.

And so, GlamLife Lounge was born. This ‘one-stop shop’ brings all of the most sought after beauty treatments and services under one roof: hair, make up, nails, eyelashes, facials, extensions, and even custom wigs.

That’s where GlamLife Lounge truly stands out; marrying the trendy looks with custom creations. Rather than providing a service just to turn a profit, Jennifer and her staff take the time to educate themselves and their clients on what is truly best for them and their hair.

Jennifer’s prime example of this is extensions, where Jennifer works with clients to make sure their hair and scalp are healthy enough to be candidates. She also prefers micro-links, a version of extensions that often leave hair in much better shape than their sewn in counterparts, even after removal.

This dedication to providing custom service to each client is everything to Jennifer. She tells Vanessa, “If you walk out of my shop with your back a little bit straighter, then I did my job!”

Glam Life Lounge is located at 491 Valley Street, Maplewood, NJ. Be sure to follow them on social media, on Instagram or Facebook!

Blush Brides

Alaina Antonicello on Blush Brides

Alaina Antonicello, founder of Blush Brides, joined Lisa Marie Latino in the #HipNJ studio to discuss the traveling hair and makeup agency.

Blush Brides travels anywhere in New York, New Jersey or Pennsylvania. They come to you and get you ready for any event, ranging from date night to your wedding day.

“I started going to beauty school when I was 15,” Antonicello says. She then started working for salons, and had a baby girl.

“When you have a child, it’s so hard to balance being a mother and going to work,” she states. “So, I tried to find a way to do both.” She then started doing hair and makeup for weddings, and things quickly picked up.

As for 2018 trends, Antonicello says that more dramatic makeup looks are in right now. This is a contrast from a few years back when a simple and natural look was the hottest request.

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