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Tony Dearing Honored at Alzheimer’s NJ Gala

Tony Dearing, the Director of News Operations for NJ Advance Media, was honored at the Alzheimer’s New Jersey Gala for his work spreading awareness and knowledge about Alzheimer’s and also other forms of dementia.

Dearing’s mother was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia or FTD.  He became determined to learn everything that he could about the disease. Eventually, Dearing felt he should be sharing this information with people to spread awareness of the disease. He wrote a column for NJ.com and the Star Ledger that included his findings from his research on FTD.

Dearing describes Alzheimer’s New Jersey as a “wonderful resource and partner.” He expressed his gratitude for Alzheimer’s New Jersey as he claims that all of the work that he does is enhanced by their partnership. Dearing appreciates and commends the work that Alzheimer’s New Jersey doe. He strives to honor his mother and feels privileged to work with an organization that fights for that cause.

To learn more or to donate, visit AlzNJ.org.

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Walter MacDonald Given Award at Alzheimer’s New Jersey Gala

Walter MacDonald, President and Chief Executive Officer of ETS, received an award at the Alzheimer’s New Jersey Gala. This was for his work improving the lives of people who are affected by Alzheimer’s.

Educational Testing Service, or ETS, strives to help advance the quality and equity in education regardless of an individual’s circumstances. They do this by providing fair and valid assessments, research, and related services. ETS has sponsored Alzheimer’s New Jersey’s Walk to Fight Alzheimer’s event for the past 15 years and plan to for 15 more. The Walk to Fight Alzheimer’s encourages people to donate in order to improve the condition of Alzheimer’s patients and their families. In fact, the patients and their families receive 100 percent of the donations.

The last letter of ETS is service, therefore it’s in the employees’ DNA to help others. MacDonald believes in fighting the disease and helping the community. MacDonald is honored to accept the award on behalf of ETS and praises Alzheimer’s New Jersey’s work.

To learn more or to donate, visit AlzNJ.org. To learn more about ETS, visit ETS.org.

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Sons of Italy Foundation Honors Rear Admiral Peg Klein

Order of the Sons of Italy in America has decided to honor Peg Klein for being an exemplary Italian American.  

Peg owes her interest in the U.S military to her father, who was in the Navy Reserves and was a private pilot. Peg describes how her traditional tight-knit Italian family gave her the opportunity to closely watch as her father pursued a career in the military.

She recalls one time when she expressed an interest in becoming a military aviator herself and was told that she could be “a nurse instead.”  Instead of bringing her spirits down, these words motivated Peg even more to become a pilot for the U.S. Navy.

Peg’s many achievements include serving overseas during the War on Terror where she rescued an Air Force pilot who was stranded at sea and serving as the Dean of Students at Naval Academy.  Her passion and commitment to our country is evident in her interview!

Not only is Peg an accomplished military woman; she is also committed to improving educational opportunities in this country.  She says the value of education that she was raised with is closely mirrored in Order Sons of Italy in America.  

Peg thanks her father and her Italian grandmother, who showed her what sacrifice and hard work meant. We would like to thank Peg for her service to this country and the example that she has set for young women all over.