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Camp Chic Summer Camp

Summer camp is all about making friendship, being creative and expressing your individuality. These characteristics perfectly describe Camp Chic at the Eclectic Chic Boutique, in Montclair, NJ.

#HipNJ’s Lisa Marie Latino is learning all about this the Summer Arts Program from owner, Kristen Zachares. You probably know this adorable New Jersey boutique for its wonderful handmade products made by local artisans and creative entrepreneurs. Shoppers can expect to find treasures ranging from hand-crafted jewelry to clothing designers to baked treats.

With Camp Chic, Kristen shifted her focus to specifically appeal to a child’s creativity. The small class sizes guarantee each camper receives the attention they and their budding inner artist deserves, and all classes are taught by local artists who are experts in their field

Kristen demonstrates exactly how campers would get hands-on experience in the art of jewelry making, including making a custom created bracelet using professional tools and supplies. From the initial design and planning to the final product, each step is taught so that campers see the work that goes in to creating these unique pieces.

Jewelry making isn’t the only fun activity offered at Camp Chic. Other activities include wire art, painting, soap making, sculpture and paper crafts.

Kicking off later this month on June 24, Camp Chic runs Monday thru Friday, offering two daily sessions broken out by age. For more information and to register, visit: https://www.theeclecticchicboutique.com/camp-chic.html

Cucina Camp: A Taste of Summer

Summer is so close, we can practically taste it!

While the coming change in season screams for warm weather, beach weekends and layers of sunblock, it’s also a time for summer camp! #HipNJ’s Lisa Marie Latino welcomes back our friend Cara Di Falco, who has cooked up a special summer experience, Cucina Camp!

Cucina Camp welcomes campers ages 8-15 years old, with lessons broken out by age group. Students are introduced to age-appropriate kitchen skills and grow a deeper understanding of where our food comes from in a hands-on way. Class sizes are kept smaller so that campers experience more than a demonstration, they are fully immersed in the culinary experience.

While the camp boasts a full kitchen and dining space (thanks to partners at Culinary Concepts!) the activities are not limited to cooking. Campers learn the importance of where our food comes from, including the quality of the dirt, and how certain foods can affect your health.

To demonstrate the type of activities a camper might enjoying during their time at Cucina Camp, Cara invites Lisa Marie to whip up some pasta dough.What kid wouldn’t love getting their hands a little messy and playing with dough!?

Cara’s philosophy is that food is creative, so she even incorporates some fun crafts projects that help provide a linear look at food preparation. For example, campers can paint and decorate their own terracotta pot, learn how to properly plant seeds, and then later, cook using fresh herbs.

For more information on this fresh take on summer camp, visit http://www.caradifalco.com/summer-camp. Be sure to follow Cara on social media for all her latest creations! You can find Cara’s Cucina on Facebook and Instagram.