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Clean Cocktails for Super Bowl Sunday

#HipNJ‘s Lisa Marie Latino and Beth Nydick are here to tell you about the latest Hip List clean cocktails!

Did someone say Thirsty Thursday ? In light of Super Bowl Sunday, we have invited Holistic Health Coach and author of Righteous Recipes for the Modernist Mixologist, Beth Nydick, to share some of her clean cocktails with us.

Beth Nydick has managed to craft the perfect mixture of feeling good and having fun. These antioxidant filled, flu-busting cocktails are infused with aromatic herbs, colorful spices, organic vegetable juices and of course a little twist of liquid pleasure to complete your clean cocktail experience.

Trying to avoid a beer belly and sugary drinks this Super Bowl Sunday? Try out one of Beth Nydick’s favorites, the “Day Drinker”! Beth Nydick doesn’t call this “The Day Drinker” for nothing, this bright pink cocktail is the perfect way to kick off  your afternoon pregaming sesh. This cocktail bursts in your mouth with flavors of grapefruit, warm candied coconut sugar, muddled sage and a twist of gin to pull it all together. After a few of these, this east coast winter chill will start to feel like a Bahama breeze.

Watch the video above and tell us what your drinking!

Boozy Popsicles, Frozen Dessert with a Twist!

Want something to cool you down as the summer heat kicks in? Boozy Popsicles are the perfect solution!

Beth Ritter Nydick, author of Clean Cocktails – Righteous Recipes for the Modern Mixologist, brings you Boozy Popsicles. They are a perfect mix of frozen desserts and cocktails. These popsicles, or pop-tails are a great way to cool down on a warm summer day.

The flavors Beth offers include Bittersweet Bourbon Chocolate and Honeydew Cucumber among others. The Bittersweet Bourbon Chocolate Pop uses chocolate, cacao powder and bourbon. The Honeydew Cucumber Popsicle uses cucumber, honeydew, lime juice and tequila.

Beth is a health coach with two kids who appears regularly on The Dr. Oz Show and The Chew. She became a health coach because of her passion to work with people in bettering their health and family life. Beth runs cooking classes and workshops on nutrition as well as individual health and nutrition coaching to parents and families.

While the popsicles are a mix of frozen desserts and alcohol, they still follow with Beth’s healthy eating lifestyle. This is due to the wide variety of fruits and vegetables within them.

To find out how to make the Boozy Popsicles mentioned above in addition to others, click here!

The Red Cadillac

Do you love tacos and tequila?  Then your next stop in #HipNJ should definitely be The Red Cadillac in Union!

#HipNJ’s Peter Falzo sat with The Red Cadillac’s owners over their infused tequila and one-of-a-kind tacos!  Husband, restaurateur, and chef Joe Montes explains where the idea of this hip restaurant came to be.  He even lets us in on how he makes his sinful peanut butter and jelly tequila shot!

Not only are their food and drinks the hit at this restaurant, their décor is out of this world! Joe’s wife, artist and designer Jamey Montes, gives us the inside scoop of where the restaurants ‘look’ came from, right down to the iconic Caddy parked out front!

The Red Cadillac is very involved in the community and has started a charity called Cadillac Cares.  They have worked with many initiatives in #HipNJ, including Missions Possible for battered women, and urged customers to bring in toys for underprivileged children during the holidays.

Step into the Red Cadillac for a unique culinary experience!