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“Power” Couple: Jeff and Gina Mortman

Often when you think of a franchise or a chain, it’s easy to forget about the individuals behind the operation. After meeting with Jeff and Gina Mortman, there is no way you will be forgetting either them or their incredible dedication to making the Totowa Gold’s Gym a truly special environment.

This “power”-couple, as #HipNJ’s Lisa Marie Latino calls them, have been the proud owners of Totowa’s Gold Gym for two years. But their journey really started six years earlier, as customers.

Jeff, a former marine of 16 years, found himself over-weight and decided to take the first step toward change. He walked through the door of his nearest Gold’s Gym and joined their clientele. His wife, Gina, joined a few months later. Both may have looking to embark on a fitness journey, but this gym would change their lives and send them on an entirely new journey together.

After six years, the couple decided to make the gym theirs. As much as they loved what the location had given to them, they wanted to usher the gym into the 21st Century, so they got to work on updating, while still embracing the iconic Gold’s Gym brand.

The most incredible change was an easy one for the Mortman’s; their Hero’s membership. Any active military, police, fire and EMT personnel receive special pricing. Having an intimate knowledge of the sacrifices these individuals make also prompted the Mortman’s to keep their gym open 24 hours a day during the week.

The Totowa Gold Gym now boasts many other perks and amenities thanks to this couple! They brought in new equipment, added a turfed functional training area, a new spin studio, and a new basketball court, just to name a few! They even doubled the area allotted for childcare, perhaps making it a bit TOO fun. “The joke of the gym is that the moms yell at me all the time…’My kids don’t want to leave!'”,says Jeff.

Jeff and Gina have gone to great lengths to remove road blocks for their members, as evidenced by their 24-hour weekdays and the child care program. They also made sure to give members a huge variety of options for the beginner, the body-builder and everyone in-between.

Their biggest piece of advice, again, comes from their own experience: “Walk through the door”. After all, that was the first step that Jeff took eight years ago, launching this amazing couple on an amazing journey.

To learn more about this location, including how you can get a three-day VIP pass, visit https://www.goldsgym.com/totowanj/ and follow them on social media!

Top Night Spots in New Jersey

Top Night Spots in New Jersey

According to 2018 travel and tourism data, New Jersey ranks highly among the most visited states in the US. There are many reasons cited as to why New Jersey is such a darling to many people chief among them being the vibrant nature of the state’s nightlife. It is for this reason why we decided to share with you some of the top night spots in New Jersey, just in time for New Year’s Eve!

As a side note, you ought to know that New Jersey is one of the few states in the US which regulate online gambling hence you can still play blackjack online when you visit this northeastern US state.

The Dome Rooftop & Lounge at the Manor
For those who love wining and dining at upscale bars, New Jersey offers The Dome Rooftop & Lounge at the Manor. Both local and foreign beverages are served at this stunning bar. Most-played music at the Dome Rooftop is old school hits. The beauty of the Dome Rooftop bar is that it’s located at the top of the Manor restaurant hence revelers get to see the beautiful stars overhead when they are on the dance floor or just resting on the sofas. Every Fridays and Saturdays there are some live performances at the Dome Rooftop bar.

46 Lounge
Depending on the day that you visit 46 Lounge, you can expect to enjoy some hip-hop, mash-ups, house or some contemporary Brazilian music. While 46 Lounge offers a bit of everything in terms of music, the beauty of this place is in its design. 46 Lounge comes in contemporary ambience with a Brazilian cherry dance floor. The dance floor is quite spacious that dozens of people can all enjoy the blasting music all at once.

Just like 46 Lounge, Mandala bar offers different themes for different crowds on different days. The most popular nights at Mandala are Latino Nights i.e. Fridays and Saturdays and Gay Nights on Thursdays and Sundays. Open every day of the week, visitors to Mandala can expect to enjoy themselves on the dance floor any day. Mandala serves both local and foreign beverages. There’s a nearby grill and restaurant in case one needs to ‘fuel up’ during the night.

Bar A
Bar A differs from other night spots on this list in that it is open both day and night. Bar A consists of both an indoor bar and an outdoor bar. Those who want to enjoy themselves on the dance floor will have to go indoors. However, those who just want to chill while enjoying their drinks will best do so outside where there are large gazebos. Apart from the bar, Bar A also has a restaurant that serves delicate cuisine.

The Wonder Bar
For the real American experience, visitors to New Jersey must visit The Wonder Bar. The Wonder Bar does not open every day but when it does, you can expect to live your life to the fullest in the few hours that you will be inside. The dance floor of this stunning bar accommodates over 2000 patrons and only blues, rock and roots music is played here.

Off-Broadway Star Kimberly Aliano

#HipNJ’s Lisa Marie Latino recently went backstage with Off-Broadway star Kimberly Aliano, who is currently crooning in “My Big Gay Italian Wedding” and “My Big Gay Italian Funeral.”

“I am a big advocate for the gay and lesbian community, so to appear in these shows is very special for me, in more ways than one,” proclaimed Kimberly.

“My Big Gay Italian Wedding” satirizes the controversy surrounding same-sex marriage while drawing on larger than life gay and Italian characters. Kimberly marries the two principles, Anthony Pinnunziato and Andrew Polinski.

“My Big Gay Italian Funeral” picks up where “Italian Wedding” leaves off, at the funeral of Anthony’s father Joe. Kim plays Fanny Zucchiatti, owner of the Spectrum Gay Nighclub in Brooklyn.

Her latest “Funeral” performance- on Father’s Day- was dedicated to her dad.  Gary Potenzone, Sr., co-owner of the legendary Apollo Flag Company, passed away earlier in 2014.  (Apollo is now owned by Kimberly’s mother, Deborah and uncle, Albert Potenzone).

“I couldn’t think of a better gift to give him in heaven than singing and acting in his memory,” Kimberly bittersweetly explained.

While Kim confidently struts her stuff on stage, her road to stardom hasn’t been easy. Kimberly has struggled with her weight her entire life- a plight that the image-driven music industry hasn’t been sympathetic towards.

“I had a lot of doors shut in my face because of my appearance,” said Kimberly, a plus-size model and children’s book author (“Chubby…is everywhere!”) Despite the obstacles, Kimberly’s pipes have landed her cushy gigs, including singing for President George W. Bush at Drew University.

When Kimberly isn’t performing, the lifelong Totowa resident likes to chill at home with her husband, Giovanni, and her two kids, Vincenza (6) and Antonio (1). She is very involved in charity work, and helps out at her siblings’ store, Sweets and Stuff by Apollo.

Something tells us that her schedule is going to get a lot busier!