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Tasty Recipes for Memorial Day Weekend

#NoFoodComa – Tasty Recipes for Memorial Day Weekend

By Beth Nydick

Whenever I see anyone in the armed forces out at a restaurant or getting coffee, I honestly get choked up, I say thank you for their service and buy them their coffee/meal. I feel like it means something, it says to them that they do make a difference and those of us at home care. My grandfather served in WW2 and every year he would stand outside the supermarket selling little red poppies to raise funds for veterans. He passed in 1991 and every year since then I buy out whatever the veteran has at my local store. Think about buying some as you go and buy your groceries. This year, let’s all be grateful that there are brave men and women that stand up for our freedoms. Happy Memorial Day!

To have a great (and healthy) BBQ or party this Memorial Day weekend, click on the titles of the recipes below:

Grilled Lemon-Oregano Chicken Drumsticks
Healthy Sausage and Peppers
Wounded Carrot Salad
Creamy Penne Pasta with Vegetables
Cauliflower Pizza Bites – Gluten Free
Tropical Fruit Salad
Black Bean Brownies
Chickpea Blondies

“Power” Couple: Jeff and Gina Mortman

Often when you think of a franchise or a chain, it’s easy to forget about the individuals behind the operation. After meeting with Jeff and Gina Mortman, there is no way you will be forgetting either them or their incredible dedication to making the Totowa Gold’s Gym a truly special environment.

This “power”-couple, as #HipNJ’s Lisa Marie Latino calls them, have been the proud owners of Totowa’s Gold Gym for two years. But their journey really started six years earlier, as customers.

Jeff, a former marine of 16 years, found himself over-weight and decided to take the first step toward change. He walked through the door of his nearest Gold’s Gym and joined their clientele. His wife, Gina, joined a few months later. Both may have looking to embark on a fitness journey, but this gym would change their lives and send them on an entirely new journey together.

After six years, the couple decided to make the gym theirs. As much as they loved what the location had given to them, they wanted to usher the gym into the 21st Century, so they got to work on updating, while still embracing the iconic Gold’s Gym brand.

The most incredible change was an easy one for the Mortman’s; their Hero’s membership. Any active military, police, fire and EMT personnel receive special pricing. Having an intimate knowledge of the sacrifices these individuals make also prompted the Mortman’s to keep their gym open 24 hours a day during the week.

The Totowa Gold Gym now boasts many other perks and amenities thanks to this couple! They brought in new equipment, added a turfed functional training area, a new spin studio, and a new basketball court, just to name a few! They even doubled the area allotted for childcare, perhaps making it a bit TOO fun. “The joke of the gym is that the moms yell at me all the time…’My kids don’t want to leave!'”,says Jeff.

Jeff and Gina have gone to great lengths to remove road blocks for their members, as evidenced by their 24-hour weekdays and the child care program. They also made sure to give members a huge variety of options for the beginner, the body-builder and everyone in-between.

Their biggest piece of advice, again, comes from their own experience: “Walk through the door”. After all, that was the first step that Jeff took eight years ago, launching this amazing couple on an amazing journey.

To learn more about this location, including how you can get a three-day VIP pass, visit https://www.goldsgym.com/totowanj/ and follow them on social media!

Youthful Glow

How To Maintain Your Youthful Glow As You Age

If you want to maintain your youthful glow as you age, then there are a number of considerations that you must keep in mind.

It’s inevitable that you get older with time, but that doesn’t mean that your appearance or how you feel has to suffer. No matter what do you will still develop wrinkles, and your hair will eventually turn grey, but you can delay the process if you are smart about it and follow the tips outlined here.

Thus, pay special attention to the following advice and follow it to wake up in the morning looking good and feeling energized.

Wear sunscreen
Wearing sunscreen should be the golden rule that you live by and never forget at any point. This will not only ensure that you are not a victim to skin cancer, but it can furthermore delay the appearance of wrinkles or dark spots for that matter.

Moreover, sunscreen is something that you should wear regardless of whether it is cloudy or sunny outside, as the sun’s ultraviolet rays can still affect your skin.

Eat nutritious meals
The food that you eat has a direct impact on how you look, and this especially affects the appearance of your skin. If you find yourself victim to acne or other blemishes, it could be a result of your current diet.

Do you often find yourself purchasing food that is overly processed and filled with sugar? If so, then you need to get into the habit of prepping your meals ahead of time, and instead, adopt a more well-balanced and nutritious diet.

Aside from affecting how you look, this will also impact how you feel every single day. Food is fuel, and if you eat meals that are filled with vitamins, you will also feel energized.

Get treatment
Getting advice from a health care professional with regards to how you can physically look younger is also something that you can do. In particular, many people opt to get Botox by investing in your laser skin care.

Aside from the more natural remedies to looking younger that were mentioned earlier, this is a guaranteed method for ensuring that the wrinkles on your face are faded much quicker.

Avoid stress
Stress is not only bad for your health, but it can also affect how you look. Thus, as soon as you notice the signs of stress, it’s essential that you avoid putting yourself in similar situations moving forward.

If it’s a result of your job, then you may want to consider making a career change or looking for opportunities via another employer. You should never have to sacrifice your happiness and wellbeing at any point in your lifespan.

Thus, this is the not-so-secret way that you can maintain your 20s or 30s glow well into your 40s and 50s. You don’t need to take this article’s word for it; you can try it out for yourself and notice what a big difference it will make to your beauty and health. Of course, there are many other tips you can follow, such as ensuring that you get enough sleep every single night, but the list mentioned is certainly a good starting point.