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VictoriaLand Beauty Skin-Loving Minis

Holiday Hip List 2018: VictoriaLand Beauty Skin-Loving Minis

The Hip List‘s Maria Falzo is here to tell you about her gift picks for the holidays! 

VictoriaLand Beauty Skin-Loving Minis are a perfect gift for women on the go. Whether they are traveling and they need skincare that is easy to pack or need to carry their products for those quick touch ups throughout the day, the VLB Minis are a great gift. The Minis gives your followers the benefits of all of the core Natural, Non-Toxic, Cruelty Free VLB products in a convenient travel case that you can carry with you every day.

VictoriaLand Beauty has a giving back program to Boston Children’s Hospital for their Dream Dare Deliver program that helps children that are visually impaired. Victoria, the founder of VLB, has a 2 years old son Cyrus that is being treated at the hospital for his degenerative eye disease FEVR. For the holidays, VLB will be increasing their donations from 2% of sales to 25% towards the Dream Dare Deliver program.

For more information, visit VictoriaLandbeauty.com.

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#HipNJ Interviews Christine Fowler Phillips

#HipNJ recently had the pleasure of interviewing Christine Fowler Phillips about her motivational self-help book.  She details specific suggestions to creating a winning image, along with the importance of having the right attitude and branding yourself.

Christine is a corporate image consultant, public speaker and author.  She is a member of the Association of Image Consultants International, President and Founder of Discover Your Best Self, LLC and was a top sales professional in the pharmaceutical industry for over two decades.

“Branding is simple- it’s who you want to be recognized as or the perception of how others receive you.  It may be a signature, a greeting or something you wear,” Christine said.  “And keep in mind, it’s the good, the bad and the indifferent.  I had a good corporate experience, so it prepared me to be my best self.  You never want to lose yourself within the company, but it’s important to align yourself with them.”

The idea behind the book is to remind executives about the importance of not overlooking corporate etiquette, manners and appropriate business attire.  It’s also a way for college graduates to maximize their potential as they navigate their careers.

“As a business, Discover Your Best Self is a consulting company that hosts workshops, which are based on inward and outward image.  Clients are typically college students through junior executives,” Christine shared.  “We discuss topics including dressing for the job you want, emotional intelligence and bringing your A game every day, inwardly and outwardly.”

The workshops that are offered are beneficial to both men and women.  However, for women, a lot of life becomes consumed with family.  They put themselves on the back burner even though they should be putting themselves first.

“It’s important to take a moment to be self-reflecting because sometimes you need to recalculate so that you can be your best self,” Christine said.  “You have to take time for yourself because it helps build inner confidence, which is not to be confused with arrogance – confidence shines through.”

When going through these discoveries, it’s not always easy to stick with the changes to be your best self.  We asked Christine what her most helpful tip is, and here’s what she had to say:

“If you believe in your brand and that what you’re doing is the best for you, then you have to stick with it.  It’s never too late to change if you believe that’s what you need to do.  You will brand yourself accordingly if you believe in it.”

For more information, please visit Discover Your Best Self.  Christine’s book is available now on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

International Day of the Girl: Girls Helping Girls and Unstoppable Girls!

Children are like blank canvases. We, the people around them, are responsible for who they become. Like sponges, they soak up what they see and hear, and those things are embedded into their memories. There’s a difference though, between little girls and little boys. Little girls are faced with issues and hardship before they even understand it, but they see it, they hear it, and the older they get, the more apparent it becomes. There are issues like gender roles, male privilege, rape culture, just to name a few, that little girls cannot escape.

#DayoftheGirl was created to bring awareness and put an end to this dilemma. It’s mission is “to help galvanize worldwide enthusiasm for goals to better girls’ lives, providing an opportunity for them to show leadership, and reach their full potential”. Since 2011, The United Nations has dedicated October 11th to fighting for rights and opportunities for all girls everywhere. 

“October 11 is not just a day; it’s a movement. A worldwide revolution.” 

In light of International Day of the Girl,  #HipNJ would like to highlight two phenomenal programs created by two different generations of “girls”. These programs are the embodiment of the meaning behind #DayoftheGirl. Their missions revolve around ensuring that girls have the proper tools to be the best that they can be, despite the trials brought on by society. 

The first program is “Girls Helping Girls. Period.”, based right in South Orange, NJ. This program was founded by 17 year old Emma Joy and 13 year old Quinn Joy, teenage sisters who wanted to provide women and girls in need with feminine hygiene products. Because these products are not covered by food stamps, some females are forced to miss work or school because they can’t afford the proper items. Emma and Quinn could not believe this and therefore started this non-profit organization. Today, they donate a year’s supply of products to every client they help.  

“At Girls Helping Girls. Period. we believe feminine hygiene is a matter of basic health. And human dignity. We’re dedicated to educating people on the need, and collecting/distributing products. We give our clients a full year’s supply of products.”

“This problem needs recognition from anyone. It’s not just about girls helping girls, it’s everyone helping each other.” -Quinn Joy

The next program is “Unstoppable Girls Foundation“, founded by Caryl R Lucas, located in Clifton, NJ. In addition to being the founder of Unstoppable Girls, Caryl is also a girl’s activist and motivational speaker. This non-profit organization is dedicated to bully prevention and the health and wellness girls. She founded the Unstoppable Girls Empowerment Summer Retreat in 2013 to provide girls, ages 11-21 with workshops that touch on cyber safety, body image, bully prevention, self-esteem, healthy relationships, and social media. Today, the mission is the same. Unstoppable Girls offers workshops, events, and the summer retreat, in an attempt to produce confident female leaders. 

“The core of our work is affirming that our girls are smart, unique respectful, creative, beautiful, fearless and comfortable in their own skin. When girls are inspired & educated, they are Unstoppable!”

On this year’s #InternationalDayoftheGirl, #HipNJ just wanted to shed some light on a few New Jersey based #GirlHeroes who are working towards the ultimate goal of this international holiday. With girls and women being the underdogs of society, we all need to stick together to ensure that no female gets lost in this image. Because I am a woman myself, this day is very special to me. Today we celebrate us, girls EVERYWHERE. We speak up. We help one another. We take control. 

Happy #DayoftheGirl!